Watermen in the Navy c1803-1809


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Watermen in the Navy c1803-1809 and Watermen Killed in Action, or Invalided from the Service c1803-1809

This is a transcription by James from the Company of Watermen and Lightermen archives, kept at the Guildhall Library. The original was compiled in the early 19th century during the Napoleonic Wars. This was a time when many Watermen were Impressed into the Navy.

Watermen in the Navy lists the surname and forenames of some 525 Watermen, together with both the name of the ship they were serving in and how many guns it had. Additional notation sometimes included such details as their rank or the date they arrived on the ship.

Included also is an index to the ships. These provide a fascinating insight into the Fleet as a whole during the time of Nelson’s Navy.
It lists 233 ships, including 85 ships of the line. Some of these served at the Battle of Trafalgar. 7 of the Watermen in the Navy actually served on HMS Victory. Was your Ancestor one of them?

A typical entry reads as follows:

Hinkley,William, HMS Zealand, 64 guns, July 1808 Impressed at Gravesend and sent onboard.

Watermen Killed in Action, or Invalided from Service covers the same period and the original was compiled by the same clerk. It lists the details of 105 Watermen who were either killed in service, discharged invalided or held in prison in France.
A typical entry reads as follows:

Rogers, John Killed 3rd February 1805 onboard HMS Foudroyant.

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