Volume 4. Covers volumes 11-16 of fiche series



Volume 4.1813-1845 Baptisms/Marriages/Burials (indexed from Bishops transcripts); St John the Baptist, Erith.
1813-1851 Baptisms/Marriages/Burials; St Paulinus, Crayford.
1800-1875 Baptisms/Burials; 1800-1835 Marriages; St Peter and St Paul, Shorne.
1768-1876 Baptisms/Marriages/Burials; St Mary, Chalk.
1813-1853 Baptisms; 1820-1853 Burials; 1820-1836 Marriages; St Nicholas, Plumstead.
1837-1876 Baptisms; St George, Gravesend.
CD-ROM for use with Adobe Acrobat,(supplied).Transcribed by Robert J.Cottrell.