Spitalfields People Talk About The Evacuation


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“Where’s Your Horns?” Spitalfields People Talk About The Evacuation.

“When people found out we were Jews, we were looked at in amazement by some of them. I remember one kid saying, “Where’s your horns?” Six people describe here honestly and with humour, their different experiences, as London people , of being evacuated during the war. The reception they received were varied; some experienced prejudice – either anti-Semitic, or just plain “anti-Londoner”. Others made lasting friendships. Whether they had happy times or sad times, they tell you their stories directly and vividly. Their memories evoke some of the flavouur of the period: readers old enough to have experinced the war will discover much that touches them, while younger readers will be fascinated and moved by the descriptions of childhood overturned by the events of a world in confusion.

Spitafields Books began in 1976, when Babara Powis, a worker at the Montefiore Community Education Centre was asked by residents of Spitafields to help them produce their reminiscences of the evacuation. Barbara tape-recorded and transcribed the recollections of a group of Spitalfields people, and together with photographer Tom Learmonth, has produced this first book in a series of publications by local people.

Published: Spitalfields Books,1979
Format: Paperback,56 pages
ISBN: 0906982006
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