Royal Asylum at Penge 1899: Inmates and Subscribers


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Royal Asylum for Poor,Aged,Decayed and Maimed Freemen of the Company of Watermen and Lightermen of the River Thames and their Wives or Widows.Penge,Surrey 1899.
This 34 page booklet lists the Patrons,Inmates,Candidates and unsuccessful candidates of the Royal Asylum at Penge. It contains approx. 600 names, many with addresses and also lists the amount of their donations. Queen Victoria for example is noted as having donated £100. My great grand father by contrast donated 13 shillings.
Many of the names listed are undoubtedly watermen and lightermen, others are the names of lighterage companies.
Also included is an illustration, an appeal to the public, form of bequest and the rules of the charity.
The charity was founded as the Royal Watermen’s and Lightermen’s Asylum by Mr John Dudin Brown by deed dated 9 March 1839.Built as 48 dwellings in 1840,designed by George Porter, the first stone was laid by Alderman Lucus on 16th May 1840.
They were converted to private homes in 1973 and the residents moved to new bungalows in Hastings.
Scanned book on CD-ROM in Adobe Acrobat format (supplied). Published by Docklands Ancestors Ltd.