Rocque’s 1745 Survey of London

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This poster map shows London in 1745 in extraordinary detail. Jean Rocque was one of the first cartographers to accurately represent the City , both in scale and in detail.
London in 1745 is shown as stretching from Buckingham House in the west to the Tower in the east.At this time Stepney can be seen as a far off hamlet in the countryside to the east of London! Northwards, Hoxton is out of town and southwards only the riverside is inhabited.
This map will be of much interest to family historians, which is why I first got one, as well as to those who simply appreciate fine drawing.

Highly recommended. Ideal for framing. Black & White on a cream background. Measures 525mm x 700mm. Despatched rolled in a postal tube.

A larger picture of this map can be found here: