Poplar Memories


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Poplar Memories, by John Hector

Poplar Memories ia a vivid impression of Cockney London before and during the Second World War, set in a teeming, rundown docklands neighbourhood famous for being, well, one end of the Blackwall Tunnel. John Hector’s spellbinding account of his early life in the 1920s and 30s conjures up a vanished era when simplicity and happiness went hand-in-hand. Halcyon days of ‘talking pictures’and pavement buskers, Saturday night knees-ups round the piano, eel and pie stalls, chimneysweeps, ‘boxers’, Clarnico’s toffees and Lloyd Loom furniture, and a little shop called Woolworth’s selling ‘nothing over sixpence’- unless it’s a shilling. Allthis was to disappear forever in the horrors of the Blitz. The author,now 85, was disabled by infantile paralysis-yet he became School Captain and embarked on a successful career at 14, surviving extreme poverty, panel doctors, dockers’ riots and Hitler’s Luftwaffe with an unshakeable belief in the ordinary people of Poplar.

Hardback: 160 pages
Publisher: Sutton Publishing (7 Jan 2003)
ISBN: 0750929065
Condition: New
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