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Newham Dockland (Images of England S.) by Howard Bloch.

Until less than twenty years ago Newham Dockland was focused around the Royal Group of Docks and included Beckton Gasworks, both of which were among the largest in the world. Behind the imposing dock walls and fences was a seperate bustling world, where thousands serviced the ships which brought cargoes, seamen and travellers from many lands.
Along the riverside were some of London’s major industries, whose products were in every home. But much of the employment before the Second World War was casual labour and poverty was common, creating many bitter struggles. People lived in streets between the docks, factories, warehouses and the river, and were seperated from one another by a maze of railways and dock bridges.
The closure of the Royal Docks and core industries, and the demolition of buildings has radically changed the face of the area and lives of it residents. Through a fascinating collection of 200 images this book reveals a vanished world,which few people knew.

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Tempus Publishing Ltd (Feb 2004)
ISBN: 0752401076
Condition: New
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