My Ancestors rowed for Doggett’s Coat & Badge Race1715-2009 NEW 2nd Edition


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My Ancestors Rowed for Doggett’s Coat & Badge Race 1715-2009.

This NEW volume has proof of the race starting in 1715, together with the names of previously unknown winners and competitors, including the name of the FIRST WINNER in 1st August 1715. The evidence has been agreed by Watermen’s Hall, Fishmongers’ Hall and Guildhall Library.It also explores the history of the race, the life of Thomas Doggett and is lavishly illustrated throughout. Compiled from primary sources, this is the most comprehensive work on the man and his race available.
A complete List of every known competitor, INCLUDING those who failed in heats and drawing of lots.

Written/Transcribled by Rob Cottrell. Published by Trueflare Ltd. CD in Adobe Acrobate format.