A Bethnal Green Memoir:Recollections of life in the 1930-1950


Memories of growing up in the East End between the wars by Derek Houghton

In this fascinating book Derek gives a colourful insight into life as a real “East Ender”. Personal recollections and lively anecdotes are combined with a thorough social history to show a neighbourhood undergoing huge change. The memories recalled so openly by the author give a snapshot of a community characterised by contrasts. Neighbourliness and community spirit were highly valued, yet whole families often found themselves turned out onto the streets by ruthless landords. The locations: the Hackney Empire, Pellicci’s cafe and Kelly’s Pie & Mash shop will be familiar to residents and provide reference points to those who research that area. The stories and characters described so vividly are brought to life with a range of photographs

Publisher: History Press
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