Docklands Ancestors Compendium CD9: Vol 91-100


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Docklands Ancestors Compendium CD9: Vols 91-100
This CD comprises volumes 91-100 of the Docklands Ancestors series of parish register Baptism transcriptions.

The parishes included are;

Volume 91 St George in the East 1877-1893

Volume 92 St Dunstan, Stepney 1689-1697

Volume 93. St Luke, Limehouse 1893-1906

Volume 94 St Dunstan, Stepney 1697-1704

Volume 95 St Matthew, Bethnal Green 1746-1790

volume 96 St Mary, Whitchapel 1558-1590

volume 97 St Dunstan Stepney 1704-1712

volume 98 St Mary, Whitchapel 1590-1605

volume 99 St Bartholomew, Bethnal Green 1844-1872

volume 100 St Dunstan, Stepney 1712-1719

All entries are easily searchable and indexed alphabetically too.

These are transcribed entries, not scanned images. You can generally expect to find:
Entry No, Birth Date, Baptism Date, Firstnames, Father, Mother, Surname, Address, Occupation of the Father, Source Ref and any notes in the margin.

Easily searchable CD-ROM in Adobe Acrobat format(supplied).
Published By Dockland Ancestors LTD