Docklands Ancestors Compendium CD2: Vols 21-30

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Docklands Ancestors Compendium CD2: Vols 21-30.

This CD comprises volumes 21-30 of the Docklands Ancestors Series of parish register transcriptions.

The parishes included are:
Volume 21 St. Mary,Newington,Southwark Baptism Registers 1829-1837
Volume 22 All Saints,Poplar Baptism Registers 1858-1872
Volume 23 St Mary Magdalen,Bermondsey Baptism Registers 1782-1812
Volume 24 St Paul,Shadwell Baptism Registers 1775-1812
Volume 25 St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey Baptism Registers 1822-1829
Volume 26 St Dunstan, Stepney Baptism Registers 1798-1808
Volume 27 St Paul,Shadwell Baptism Registers 1712-1734
Volume 28 St Anne,Limehouse Baptism Registers 1821-1832
Volume 29 St George in the East Baptism Registers 1826-1835
Volume 30 St Mary Whitechapel Baptism Registers 1823-1832

There are approx. 80,000 transcribed entries on the CD, all of which are easily searchable and indexed alphabetically too.

CD-ROM in Adobe Acrobat format. Published by Docklands Ancestors Ltd.
ISBN 1-905728-96-4