Apprenticeships Bindings Index 1692-1908 (Vols 1-9)


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Complete set Apprenticeship Bindings Vols 1-9
This Adobe Acrobat searchable CD-Rom contains Rob Cottrell’s transcriptions of the Company of Watermen & Lightermen Apprenticeship Bindings – over 65,000 names from 1692 to 1908. Each entry shows the apprentice’s name, date of binding, location, Master or Mistress’s full name and date of freedom (if granted). For example;
5701. LEGON JOHN 09/04/1742 SHADWELL THOMAS LEGON 28/04/1749
Also on the CD you will find information on Doggett’s Coat and Badge Race, including a list of winners, with their binding dates, location and Masters, from 1716 to 1900, and an article by Rob on the History of the Company.
This CD is the starting point for those with waterage ancestry. Once you have established the Binding date of your ancestor, the next step is to apply for his Apprenticeship Affidavit. This will show you his dates of birth and baptism and most importantly, the parish he was born in. This then enables further research.

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