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  • Groom First Name
  • Groom Surname
  • Groom Parish
  • Groom Condition
  • Groom Occupation
  • Groom Abode
  • Bride Age
  • Bride First Name
  • Bride Surname
  • Bride Parish
  • Bride Condition
  • Bride Occupation
  • Bride Abode
  • Groom Father First Name
  • Groom Father Surname
  • Groom Father Occupation
  • Bride Father First Name
  • Bride Father Surname
  • Bride Father Occupation
  • Marriage Type
  • Groom Signed
  • Bride Signed
  • Witness 1 First Name
  • Witness 1 Surname
  • Witness 2 First Name
  • Witness 2 Surname
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