Parish Register Newsletter: September 2005
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Online Searchable Databases

This is the progress of transcriptions underway and uploaded to the online searchable databases:

St George in the East ,1815-1826, baptisms, 9,600 entries. Approx 93% completed. Estimated completion date is now end of August.Don't worry, we're nearly there!

All Saints, Poplar 1813-1835, baptisms, approx 8,000 entries. This transcription follows on from the earlier 1835-1857 volume previously transcribed.Approx. 86% complete. Completion expected by end of August

St Dunstan, Stepney, baptisms, 1816-1826, approx 11,000 entries. First 1000 entries are now live.

St Thomas, Stepney 1840-1876 , baptisms has now been started.

St Mary Whitechapel is our next baptisms transcription, followed by our first marriage transcription, St Thomas Stepney 1840-1850

Incidentally, we upload entries usually during the first week of each month. Approx 3,000 entries have been added this month

I'm sure you'll all be very glad to hear that our current special offer is still a reduction in the search sale price to 1.95! Don't forget, you've got till the end of August before the price goes back up to 2.95!

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New Releases on CD from the Thames & River Medway Series by Rob Cottrell

Image Volume 14.Includes:St.Lawrence, New Brentford 1802-1837 baptisms, marriages & burials ;St.Andrews with St.Michael, Greenwich 1892-1965 baptisms & 1902-1965 marriages;All Saints, Galley Hill, Swanscombe 1885-1915 baptisms; 1895-1915 marriages;St.Marks, Rosherville, Near Northfleet 1853-1901 baptisms & marriages;All Saints, Isleworth 1837-1852 baptisms, marriages & burials.

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Special Offers

Image Volumes 1 to 13 of the Docklands Ancestors Series are now available at the special offer price of 49.99, plus 5.00p UK postage, 10.00 overseas. This is a saving of 27.36, over a third off the normal price.
Offer valid till 31st August.

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Image Featured Product

1628 Admiralty Muster of Thames Watermen. This is a transcription I'm particularly proud of. It's probably the earliest surviving document pertaining to Watermen that allows a year of birth to be worked out. It comprises approx. 2400 men and gives their names, place of abode, age and the number of voyages they had made.

It was compiled by the Company of Waterman on behalf of the Admiralty, during the reign of Charles I. It's purpose was to assist in the compilation of a national register of those available for naval impressment.

The significance of the document to family historians with Watermen ancestors is huge. For a start, it is one of the only documents that survived the Fire of London in 1666. It also pre-dates the surviving Company of Watermen archives.Those who have found ancestors in Rob Cottrell's Apprenticeship Bindings Indexes, which start in 1692, are quite liable to find their fathers, grand fathers or great grand fathers in this Muster.

Some people are going to be able to find a date of birth that begins 1500. As a family historian, I find that immenseley exciting!

The transcription was compiled from A5 paper copies of the original manuscript held at the National Archives, whose assisstance I'd like to gratefully acknowledge. I'm immensely proud to have been able to transcribe this manuscript; I believe it's my best work to date, with an accuracy rate, where it was legible, of over 99%.

The price reflects the weeks that it took to complete. 13.65

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Thames & River Medway Series Searchable databases.

As mentioned last month, we've been working on a project with Rob Cottrell. We've converted all his of 69 volume parish register transcriptions to searchable databases to make them available on

This has resulted in an additional 140 databases. This now means you can search the 70,000 entry Docklands Ancestors Series and the 400,000 Thames & River Medway Series.

These are split into baptisms, marriages and burials, further divided into north and south of the Thames.

We are praying that the additional demand won't crash the website! If it does, bear with us.!

We're expecting to go live with these databases in October, if all goes well. Apart from the IGI, I think this means that will have the largest collection of London parish registers searchable online. Wow ! To think we started with 1 database with 8000 entries..


We want your advice !

When we've finished the TRM project we'll be looking for the next project. This has generated much debate between us. To help resolve the matter we'd like to get you to vote for which of the following projects you think we should tackle next:

1. Prisoners 1824-1876
Convict Prisons: Quarterly Returns of Prisoners - Sworn lists of convicts on board the hulks and in prisons, giving age, conviction, sentence, health, behaviour, mental state, remarks (removed, released, etc.) The class list includes a helpful breakdown of lists, piece by piece, for each hulk or prison giving the page number within each volume, and its geographical location.

2. Prisoners of War
Registers of Prisoners of War 1794-1814. Compiled by the Admiralty during the Napoleonic Wars. I expect this to contain many Londoners. It could also be useful in explaing why you can't find an ancestors burial record.

3. Electoral Registers 1905
This series covers all London Boroughs in 1905. In theory every inhabitant in London should be listed. This would complement the 1901 Census and answer the question , where did my ancestors go next? It should highlight births and deaths that occurred after the Census. It would also allow us to index every street in London.

4. Boyd's Inhabitants of London
This covers the period 14th to 19th centuries and is most complete in the 16th & 17th centuries. It lists some, but not all, of London's inhabitants. You'll probably be aware of Boyd's Marriage Indexes and this is from the same source.

5. Royal Navy
Register of dead men's wages.
Alphabetical list of men who served in the Royal Navy, giving the names of the ships on which they served, their rating and the date of their death. Covers the period 1787 to 1809. Another record from the National Archives Admiralty Series.

6. City of London Livery Company
What we'd aim to do here is repeat the success of our Watermen & Lightermen involvement.So, if gunmakers, farriers, paviors are your thing, vote Livery Company!

Please send an email to , with VOTE in the subject line. If you think there's something else that we should be doing, please let us know. The criteria are that the material is out of copyright, suitable for an online searchable database, pertains to London and isn't available elsewhere on the internet.


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