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Online Searchable Databases

The following transcriptions have been added to our online searchable databases:

St George in the East ,1815-1826, baptisms, 9,600 entries. Approx 90% completed. Estimated completion date is now August.Later entries very faded.

All Saints, Poplar 1813-1835, baptisms, approx 8,000 entries. This transcription follows on from the earlier 1835-1857 volume previously transcribed.Approx. 50% complete. Entries being added at the rate of about 2000 per month

St Dunstan, Stepney, baptisms, 1840-1876 has been started and a few entries are now live on the website.

Next up will be St Thomas, Stepney 1840-1876 , which will be live during the first week of August. We've now got 4 transcribers working, so things are speeding up.

I'm sure you'll all be very glad to hear that our current special offer is a reduction in the search sale price to £1.95! We're not making a big fuss about it; it's primarily aimed at our best customers; the subscribers to this Newsletter. The £1.95 price is valid till 31st August, to give you plenty of time to take advantage of this great special offer!

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New Releases on CD in the Docklands Ancestors Series
Volume 12. St Dunstan, Stepney, burials, 1839-1844, 2,288 entries.£5.95 UK p&p £0.50 Overseas £1.30. As well as the forenames and surname, the date of burial is given, and the age of the person. This transcription was sent to us by a well wisher and we’d like to express our thanks.( Um, unfortunately we’ve lost your email address, so please get in touch!).

Volume 13.St George in the East ,Stepney, Part 1, 1815-1820, 4,700 entries. .£5.95 UK p&p £0.50 Overseas £1.30.This is a major work, transcribed by one of our Canadian transcribers, Christine Noon. St George in the East is the major parish in the area. From our own family history research we’ve noticed that many ancestors ‘traded up’ to this church.

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New Releases on Microfiche from the Thames & River Medway Series by Rob Cottrell

Image Volume 65.St.Nicholas, Chiswick 1855-1901 baptisms, marriages & burials (6 microfiche). £6.95
Volume 66. St.Nicholas, Southfleet, next to Northfleet 1775-1861 baptisms, marriages & burials (1 microfiche) £1.95.
Volume 67. All Saints, Frindsbury 1775-1861 baptisms, marriages & burials (project underway).
Volume 68. Holy Trinity, Dartford 1801-1813 baptisms, marriages and burials (1 microfiche) £1.95.
Volume 69. St.Lawrence, New Brentford 1837-1864 baptisms, marriages & burials (project underway).
UK p&p £0.60, overseas £1.30

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New TRM CD out now

Image Volume 13.Covers volumes 55-59 of the microfiche series by Rob Cottrell.
Published by Trueflare Ltd

Price: £14.95 P & P in UK: £1.00 P & P Overseas: £2.00

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Special Offers

Image Volumes 1 to 13 of the Docklands Ancestors Series are now available at the special offer price of £49.99, plus £5.00p UK postage, £10.00 overseas. This is a saving of £27.36, over a third off the normal price.
Offer valid till 31st August.

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Featured Product

Image My Ancestor was a Waterman: A Guide to Tracing your Waterman & Lighterman Ancestors

This e book on CD-ROM, written by our very own James Legon, has chapters on the history of the Company, and how to trace your ancestors. James also includes information on his own family researches, as a case study, and lists useful addresses and websites worth visiting.Foreword by Rob Cottrell.

Priced at £2.95 !

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Image Featured Product

Watermen in the Navy c1803-1809 and Watermen Killed in Action, or Invalided from the Service c1803-1809

This is a transcription by James from the Company of Watermen and Lightermen archives, kept at the Guildhall Library. The original was compiled in the early 19th century during the Napoleonic Wars. This was a time when many Watermen were Impressed into the Navy.
Watermen in the Navy lists the surname and forenames of some 525 Watermen, together with both the name of the ship they were serving in and how many guns it had. Additional notation sometimes included such details as their rank or the date they arrived on the ship.

Included also is an index to the ships. These provide a fascinating insight into the Fleet as a whole during the time of Nelson’s Navy.
It lists 233 ships, including 85 ships of the line. Some of these served at the Battle of Trafalgar. 7 of the Watermen in the Navy actually served on HMS Victory. Was your Ancestor one of them?
A typical entry reads as follows:

Hinkley,William, HMS Zealand, 64 guns, July 1808 Impressed at Gravesend and sent onboard.

Watermen Killed in Action, or Invalided from Service covers the same period and the original was compiled by the same clerk. It lists the details of 105 Watermen who were either killed in service, discharged invalided or held in prison in France.
A typical entry reads as follows:

Rogers, John Killed 3rd February 1805 onboard HMS Foudroyant.

CD_ROM, in Adobe Acrobat format, at the bargain price of £2.95!

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Featured Product

Kelly's Directory of Chelmsford & Neighbourhood, 1927-28.This CD contains scans of the original Chelmsford & District map issued with the Directory. The sections within the Directory are: Chelmsford description; Official Establishments, Local Institutions &c; Street directory; Private residents directory; Commercial directory; Villages directory (Great Baddow, Little Baddow, Boreham, Broomfield, Danbury, Galleywood Common, Sandon, Springfield, Widford and Writtle); Professional and trades directory. Some of the scanned pages appear not to be straight. This is a feature of the original book rather than the scanning process.
Published by Jigrah Resources.

Price: £10.00 P & P in UK: £1.00 P & P Overseas: £1.00

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News roundup

We've replaced the Watermen & Lightermen page on the website.Hopefully you'll find it a lot clearer and easier to navigate.
As usual, we're always on the look out for more contributions to this page.

We're always on the lookout for Waterman & Lighterman pictures too.

Probably about the biggest ever change to the website is coming up shortly: All of Rob Cottrell's 69 volume Thames & River Medway Series transcriptions are shortly going to be on our website as searchable databases. There are approx 400,000 entries, in about 120 databases, covering baptisms, marriages and burials. These are north & south of the Thames, complementing our existing coverage nicely.
More about this next month !

James gave a talk at the Waltam Forest FHS meeting on 12th July, on the subject of turning transcriptions into CDs. We were approached at the last Brentwood Fair by quite a few people about this subject. Lots of people have transcriptions available only as paper copies or floppy disks. Get in touch with us if you're thinking of digitising your transcriptions, ( )

Money Off Voucher



“Yes please James ! I’ve ordered some stuff, knock £2.00 off.

I’ve used my own scissors and cut this bit out and sent it with my order. Obviously, I printed it off first !”
* excludes Alan Godfrey Maps and Special Offers and Waterman Affidavits and the 2 new Watermen publications.

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