Parish Register Newsletter: August 2011

Welcome to another edition of the parishregister newsletter. This month we have St Matthews 1790-1799   database for you to search. Also we have another new CD, volume 84, St James the Great, 1844-1869 . To search all baptism records please click here: Good luck!

I'll be giving advanced warning of new products on our facebook page parishregister There's also a link to it at the top of our welcome page. If you have been visiting us there you'll already know about forthcoming marriage records (see below), and a new watermen product coming up, the 1827 list of Free Watermen.

Also, it's what you've been waiting for; Compendium 8 is on the horizon. It will be available next month, so if you want to pre-order it for a discount of £5 click here: comp 8

It comprises of the following single CDs:

Volume 81 St Dunstan, Stepney  1652-1656
Volume 82 St Mary Stratford, Bow  1831-1843

Volume 83. St Dunstan, Stepney 1656-1668
volume 84 St James the Great 1844-1869
volume 85 St Andrew Bethnal Green 1843-1876
volume 86 Christ Church Spitalfields 1843-1875
volume 87  St Dunstan Stepney 1668-1679
volume 88 St George in the East Stepney 1893-1901
volume 89 St Dunstan Stepney 1680-1689
volume 90 St Matthew Bethnal Green  1790-1799

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 New CD 

Last month

St Dunstan Stepney 1656-1668: vol 83

St Alphege Greenwich 1825-1837 baptisms, marriages and burials    which includes the death
records of over 1200 seaman both uk and foreign who died aboard the hospital ships GRAMPUS and DREADNOUGHT  vol 88

This month:

St James the Great, 1844-1869    Vol 84

  This Month

St James the Great, 1844-1869 

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Why not search our database,click here: M.T  or you can purchase the CD by clicking here:  MTCD

Now In Transcription


St George in the East 1877-1893

St Matthew 1746-1790

St Dunstan 1725-1731

St Luke Limehouse 1846-1875


St Paul Shadwell 1760-1770

St George in the East 1729-1754

St John Wapping 1665-1707

1827 list of Free Watermen

Other selected products

Everything Watermen and Lightermen 

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Our most popular W&L products:

 Apprenticeship Bindings covering the years 1692-1959   APPBIND

Company of watermen compilation CD 1 - to buy this very popular resource click here: CompCD1

My Ancestor Worked On The River Thames by Rob Cottrell. A guide
to help you find where they worked. Packed with interesting facts!    Guide

Apprenticeship Bindings 1688-1692

These are the earliest known surviving indexes from the original register at Waterman's Hall 1688

1648 Petition of Watermen for the King.

This document, from the House of Lords, records the names of 2,026 watermen from the last year of the reign of Charles I. The Petition is the vital link between the earlier 1628 Admiralty Muster and the beginnings of the Company's records in 1692.

Also included  are an index to the names, commentary & analysis by James and image samples of the original 350 year old scroll together with a 1673 list of Watermen in the Tower of London. 1648 
East of London Family History Society

Tower Hamlets Marriages & Banns (Vol 1)-Disc 3: THM&B

Tower Hamlets Burials & MI's (Vol 1) Disc 5:  THB

Crow Lane Burial index 1871-1953 listing 20,000 entries. 

Census 1851 West Ham.HO107/1768.

Census 1891 Hackney Part 1.RG12/0179 - 0194. 

Census 1891 West Ham Part 1 RG12/1310 - 1325

Census 1891 West Ham Part 2 RG12/1326 - 1342 




Catholic Registers

SS. Mary and Joseph, Poplar Roman Catholic Chapel.

Marriages and Baptisms 1818 - 1856:  SSMary

Misc Catholic London District Baptism, Marriages and Burials Vol 1

27  transcriptions of Catholic Parish Registers  in the county of Middlesex: Catholic 2

The Registers of the Sardinian Embassy Chapel, London, 1772 - 1841(Church of SS Anselm and Cecilia in Holborn), a bargain- £7.95!   Catholic 3

Misc Catholic London District Transcriptions, Baptisms, Marriages,Confirmations Vol 2: Catholic 4

SPECIAL OFFER Compendium CDs 1-5 Save £70!

Compendiums' Department 

'Thames & River Medway Series - Compilation CDs'

'Thames & River Medway Series - Single Parish CDs'  including records of marriages, baptisms, burials, cemetery records, and include parishes such as Greenwich, Lambeth, Charlton, East Ham, Deptford, and there are burial records for St Dunstan Stepney and many more

If you've come to a dead end in your research then give Esme an email


Map Department

Ecclesiastical Map-County of London 1903: Parishmap (a bargain at £5)

Map of Middlesex 1611 by by John Norden and John Speed:  Middlesex

A Balloon View of London 1851


Devastated London - The Bombed City As Seen From A Barrage Balloon



London and Its Environs 1813



Rocque's 1745 Survey of London


To view our  Alan Godfrey maps collection please Alangodfrey  (only £2.25)



Book Shop 

If you are looking to find out more about the river Thames and the docklands then look no further! They can all be found by clicking here  

Here are our discounted books:

Voices of Stepney:Life in the Heart of East End

Bethnal Green (Archive Photographs: Images of London)

Tales of London's Docklands  

 Around Plaistow (Archive Photographs S.) by George Taylor 

 Children of Bethnal Green by Doris M Bailey

Hackney Memories by Alan Wilson

Plagues of London

The Worst Street in London

The City of London

Shadow of the Workhouse

Canning Town Voices

Newham Docklands

Other great books:

East Enders' Postcards (Archive Photographs: Images of London) .

Under Oars: Reminiscences of a Thames Lighterman, 1894-1909,

My Ancestors were Thames Watermen: A Guide to Tracing your Thames Waterman and Lighterman Ancestors,by James Legon. 




Interesting Sites


The Illustrated London News

Cemetery Records Online 

Scotlands Family Tree For those Scots out there!
Open Library Download free PDFs of parish reisters going back to the 16th Century! Loads more 400 year old London parish registers on PDF for free!



Ramblings from the Council Estate

With my marathon looming we decided not to lounge about on some exotic beach on some far flung island, but instead to spend a long weekend at my training camp in Norfolk A.K.A uncle John and Margaret's, and then move on to do some hill training oop north in Sheffield A.K.A brother William's. I must admit the 'holiday' didn't get off to a good start. I changed all our spare coins up and found we had saved just enough to fill up with diesel for the trip, which I duly did. I then picked up coughing and spluttering her indoors from the station. Unbeknown to me she smelt 'something funny' (I haven't got a sense of smell) but said nothing. As we were pottering up the M11 I straight away noticed the fuel gauge declining at an unnatural rate but, but averted my eyes as it was too distressing! Mind you, my eyes kept getting drawn to the evil gauge which kept relaying bad news to me, but I didn't want to entertain thoughts of large garage bills. In the end we arrived at the training camp and were greeted with 'what's that awful smell?!' 'Smell, what smell?' was my feeble reply. Reluctantly I looked under the ageing 'white' van only to see the drip, drip of diesel coming from all areas of the van! Further investigation by me and John discovered a faulty fuel filter. I called the nice people from the AA who reassuringly warned me not to go near it in case it blew up! This, needless to say, didn't happen and the very nice AA man bodged it so it would get me home. John and Margaret, I don't think, have been swotting up on the dietary requirements of elite athletes like myself, because for the next few days they kept forcing me to drink alcohol (one night I had two bottles of beer and a glass of wine!) and eat 3 large meals a day, plus help them out with the two cakes we had brought with us, not to mention the Argentinian BBQ! I managed to counter this forced excess by fitting in a couple of runs though! Meanwhile her indoors' coughing and spluttering became worse, so bad in fact, that I had to chuck her out of bed and send her downstairs to the sofa! (an elite athlete needs his sleep). So, once again a big thank you to John, Margaret and Polly for a great time-as usual! Our journey home was thankfully uneventful, although we returned to a warzone that was the rioting and looting in Dalston! It turned out that her indoor's cough was in fact Bronchitis which was very stubborn and required two doses of anti-biotics and a further two weeks exile to the spare room! It also meant that the second of our trips oop north had to be cancelled.
I'm happy to report victory at last in my battle against the spanish goliath, I'm now getting my cheque book along with £250 compo! It's a shame I had to resort to the financial ombudsman and repeated emails to the CEO (cheers for the tip Jim!) though!

By the time you read my next installment I'd have completed my second marathon, if you can't wait until the next newsletter check out our  Facebook page to see how I got on after the 10th September! Hopefully my relentless training regime and strict (almost) diet will enable me to drag my 48 year old carcass round in under four hours!

Because I've rambled on so long I haven't enough room for my usual recipe but if you click here, BBC, you'll find a lovely recipe for Definitive Orange Cake.

Fancy a laugh? Click here: sleepy bear

And finally, What makes a man think about a candlelight dinner?
A power failure.

That's all for now folks! 


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