Parish Register Newsletter: May 2013

Welcome to the May edition of the parishregister newsletter.So, what goodies have we on offer this month for you? First up, you've guessed it, there's another ten of our heavily discounted single baptism CDs for you! Also we've got another new baptism CD, plus one more marriage CD, oh yes, and another six thousand plus baptism records are now ready to be searched on the site; St Bartholomew, Bethnal Green 1844 to 1872

As usual I've been roaming the East End taking snaps of roads some of your ancestors may have lived or worked in. This month's photos on our Facebook page include: Cottons Gardens E2, Parkholme Road E8, Lawford Road N1 and Nazrul Street E2

This Month's Special Offer!!!!

This month I'm virtually giving away another 10 of our baptism CDs, volumes  51-60 at only a fiver each!

Volume 51 St Mary, Whitechapel Baptism Registers 1832-1842 6,688 entries

Volume 52  St George in the East Baptism Registers 1795-1808 8,236 entries

Volume 53 St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey Baptism Registers 1813-1822 4,791 entries

Volume 54 St Mary Newington Southwark  Baptism Registers 1837-1842  3,255 entries

Volume 55  St Anne Limehouse Baptism Registers 1783-1812 5,551 entries

Volume 56 St Dunstan Stepney Baptism Registers 1826-1835  9,595 entries

Volume 57 St Mary Whitechapel Baptism Registers 1758-1774 12,584 entries

Volume 58 St Dunstan Stepney Baptism Registers1770-1798   11,771 entries

Volume 59 Christ Church Stepney Baptism Registers 1842-1860  4,791 entries

Volume 60 All Saints Mile End Baptism Registers 1840-1880  3,175 entries

To search the marriage records click here: Marriages

To search all our baptism records click hereGood luck!

To search the 36000 entry Merchant Taylor records 1530-1928 click hereMT

Last Month 

St George in the East Part 2 1826-1901 

This is a compilation of seven single CDs which, if bought separately would cost nearly £60, so at £29.99 this is a real bargain!

If you'd like to buy this then click here: Dragon

This Month

Volume 97 St Dunstan, Stepney 1704-1712 Baptism Registers 10034 entries

Volume 7 St John, Wapping 1665-1707 Marriage Registers 1117 entries

Now In Transcription


St Mary Whitechapel 1652 onward

St Luke Limehouse 1846-1875

Interesting/Useful Sites
Memory Lane FB page

Thames Tugs (I've posted this some time ago, but well worth a look)

Old Maps  

London Footprints
Watermen and Lightermen Section

If you think you may have a waterman/lighterman relative then these products should help you!

                                         Birth Register of Contracted Men 1865-1921

                                         Apprenticeship Bindings 1688-1692

AdmiraltyMuster1827 list of free watermen  A mini census of watermen diligently transcribed by yours truly!

Company of Watermen & Lightermen; Pensioners Admitted for Relief 1794-1837

The Company of Watermen & Lightermen : Reassignment Index 1688-1908

Company of Watermen Compilation CD 1

1628 Admiralty Musterof Watermen

1648 Petition of Watermen for the King

To browse our entire collection of Watermen CDs please click here: Watermen
Watermen Books
under oars 2 Under Oars: Reminiscences of a Thames Lighterman, 1894-1909, by Harry Harris.

An incredibly rare book, one of the only ones written by a Thames Lighterman, about the arduous job of working on the river. Now with £20 off!

Tales of a Thames Lighterman, by Ernest G Murray.

This book is incredibly rare and this is probably one of the only copies on the market!

Thomas Doggett Pictur'd by Walter Leon. 

This is a rare first edition 


stmarystjosephCatholic records

Click on the above to discover all of the titles in our catholic records collection!


East of London Family History Society

Tower Hamlets Marriages & Banns (Vol 1)-Disc3  Holy Trinity Minories 1676 - 1754
Christ Church Spitalfields Banns 1833 - 1861 

Merchant Taylors   Merchant Taylors' Company Membership Index 1530 - 1928 All 36000 entries on one CD!


To search the entire collection of the single or the compendiums please click below:

Trueflare Thames and River Medway single CDs

Trueflare Thames and River Medway compendium CDs

Map Department

parishmap 2
Ecclestiastical  Map - County of London 1903

middlesex 2

Middlesex 1611 by John Norden and John Speed


dev_lond 2Devastated London Map

rocques 2Rocque's 1745 Survey of London

 Book Shop 

Maritime Greenwich By David Ramzan

maritime greenwich

David Ramzan was born in Greenwich. He is a sought after artist and has previously written Greenwich:The centre of the world.

For over a thousand years Greenwich was the site of a thriving ship and boat building industry. A variety of ships were built up and down the Thames, but it was in Greenwich where London's shipbuilding evolved when the Royal Docks of Deptford and Woolwich were established by King Henery VIII, whose palace stood between the two at Greenwich.

This beautifully illustrated book presents the illustrious maritime history of Greenwich. The images contains in this publication are from David Ramzan's own personal collection and the Local History Library at the Greenwich Heritage Centre

To buy this excellent book, click here: Greenwich

East End Murders:From Jack the Ripper to Ronnie Kray By Neil Storey. 
True Crime History

Newham Dockland (Images of England S.) by Howard Bloch

East End: Four Centuries of London Life by Alan Palmer

East Enders' Postcards (Archive Photographs: Images of London) by Brian Girling.

Hackney Memories

Spitalfields People Talk About The Evacuation

Around Poplar and Limehouse, by Gavin Stirling.

Bethnal Green (Archive Photographs: Images of London) by Gary Haines.

Here are  three  excellent second hand (good condition) books:

A History of Warfare by John Keegan (paperback) £4 plus £2.70 p&p (uk)

Military Blunders (The how and why of military failure) by Saul David (paperback) £4 plus £2.70 p&p (uk)

Maritime Power and the Struggle for Freedom 1788-1851 by Peter Padfield (paperback) £4 plus p&p (uk)

(If you are from outside the UK ask Yvonne about postage charges)

If you would like either of these on a first come first served basis then please email Yvonne (

Thames Books:

Liquid History:To Commemorate Fifty Years of the Port of London Authority 1909-1959, by Arthur Bryant. 

London from the Thames by Angelo Hornak

The Port of London by John Herbert.

Thames Shipping by Laurence Dunn

Thames: Sacred River (Hardcover)
by Peter Ackroyd.

Research Services: If you've come to a dead end, email Esme

Ramblings from the Estate

Guess what I'm having next week!!!! Well, it's not a haircut; I've had one of those this year already; it's not my birthday....actually you'll never guess, so I'll cut to the chase, I'm having a nose job (or Septorhinoplasty to be precise)...a birthday present from Her Indoors because it's so big she's embarrassed to be seen outdoors with me! Only joking, it's big, but not that big, but for donkey's years I've been having trouble breathing through it, and as you may have guessed, I make nocturnal noises as I sleep which have been known to drive Her Indoors into the neighbouring bedroom! So, now I've got a gap between races, now seemed the best time to get it sorted. Basically the nose doctor, I think, will take something from behind my ears (although I checked in the mirror and couldn't see anything there) and sew it into my nose, which will then stay open and allow me to breathe. Hopefully he'll put me to sleep whilst he goes about his business!Her Indoors is eager to take a photo after, so if you want a laugh on me, check out our Facebook page on Thursday!
After my marathon exploits last month I followed that up with a 6.2 mile sprint from The Mall, into the city and back again this week. On this occasion my main adversary was Mo Farah. If you remember I beat him in the London Marathon as he dropped out at the half way mark with exhaustion and obviously the race organisers didn't want Mo to be defeated by an old codger like me twice, so they gave him a 5 minute head start, and  put a couple of thousand competitors between me and him; not very sporting eh! However, undaunted, I kept my cool, and right from the off I was overtaking all and sundry, and at the 4k mark was lifted by Her Indoors giving me a high five, and again at the 7k mark on the way back. I was sure I must be gaining on Mo and making up that 5 minute's head start, and as I turned into the final straight I spotted him just ahead of me! I put in one final sprint and managed to pip him at the line! I turned round to shake his hand, only to find it was a guy who looked like Mo, who, miraculously, had managed to cross the line 15 minutes beforehand! One can only dream! Oh yes, I did get yet another PB though!
What else have I been up to this month....oh yes I traveled all the way up to Sheffield to go on an 8 hour trek through the Peak district, to take in the beautiful scenery the area has to offer. If you saw the pictures I posted on Facebook, you'll see I saw practically nothing! As soon as we started climbing we found ourselves up in the clouds with almost nil visibility, then the temperature dropped and just to rub it in the wind picked up so that in the end six of us were heavily wrapped up with scarves and gloves on, struggling up hills into a howling gale! Still, we saw some lovely sheep and ewes and I managed to down 8 of the best flapjacks in the world!

This week I'm eating a Peanut butter, banana and walnut loaf, lovely jubbly, and if you fancy making one too then check it out here: Loaf

Nobody is perfect, I am nobody, therefore I am perfect!

Mind you; if practice makes perfect and nobody's perfect, why practice?????

Jno and the gang!  


-A Passion For Family History-

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