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Welcome to the parishregister  May newsletter. This month we've uploaded another in the St Dunstan's series, 1608-1628, so we're (or I should say Jim is) gradually closing the gap up to 1730. Once that's been achieved then we'll have all the records from 1568 all the way up to 1848! We've also got the first of our Catholic Register CDs back in stock (SS Mary and Joseph), two new CDs from the East of London Family History Society, three offers on East of London Family History CDs, a new special offer on our compendiums 1-5, and a new book in stock.

Searchable Databases

Last month:

St Dunstan Stepney 1568-1608 8104 entries

This month:

St Dunstan Stepney 1608-1628 10040 entries

I must say it was really interesting looking through both of these masterpieces of social history expertly transcribed by Jim (they weren't in the best condition as you can imagine). Early on in both I started noticing a number of 'Sirs' appearing with the occupation given as 'knight', like Sir Roger Workinton and there was also a Right Honourable Lord Herbert in one. Also it's interesting to see how they spelt place names 400 hundred years ago e.g Bednal Green, Lymehouse, Radclife and Myle End. A few interesting occupations were also thrown up; bodymaker, Bazill man, coluper, house smith and beggar (would you admit to this?) to name but a few.

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New CD

Last Month:

Volume 69 St John Wapping baptism Registers 1665-1707  (7410 Entries)

To buy this CD please click here: Vol 69

Volume 70 St John Wapping 1734-1780 8180 entries

To buy this CD please click here: Vol 70

Merchant Taylors 1530-1928 - to search click here Merchant Taylors 

Find out more about the Merchant Taylors click here:

In transcription

St Matthew Bethnal Green 1799-1819

St George in the East 1877-1893  

St Anthony Globe Road 1879-1899

St Dunstan Stepney 1628-1637

Other selected products

East of London Family History Society


Tower Hamlets Rate Books (Vol 1)- Disc1

Miscellaneous Rate Index covering various Areas between 1725-1875
Previous Society publication in fiche or book form now converted into CD.

Bethnal Green Church Rates 1743. Bethnal Green Rate 1850 -1.
Bow Poor Rate 1837. Bow Rate April 1851.
Bromley Church Rate June 1861. Bromley Land Tax 1750. Old Artillery Ground Drainage Rate 1861. Poplar Church Rate June 1851.
Shadwell Poor Rate 1725. St George in the East Land Tax 1801. Wapping Watch Rate 1800. Wapping Church Rate 1875.
Whitechapel Watch Rate 1800 & 1805

To buy this product please click here: Ratevol1

Also New

Tower Hamlets Marriages & Banns (Vol 1)-Disc3

Previous Society publication in fiche or book form now converted into CD.
Holy Trinity Minories 1676 - 1754
Christ Church Spitalfields Banns 1833 - 1861 

To buy this product please click here: MarrBanns

St Andrews

Burials & M.I. St. Andrews Church, Hornchurch. 1576-2000
Surname index of Monumental Inscriptions and Burials, of 17,195 names for the years of 1576 - 2000.
This month there's £2 off this product. To buy it please click here: St Andrew

Cockney Ancestors

Cockney Ancestor. The first 100.

NOW available a CD containing the first 100 editions of Cockney Ancestor.

Once you open an edition on your computer you will be able to scroll through it, page by page or use the search facility, to search using a word or phrase, either the one journal open on your computer or all 100 on the CD,

Each journal has its own Contents index of articles which is linked to the relevant article

You can also enlarge to view.

The CD is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

There's also £2.50 off this product, so if you want it, click here: Cockney


The Frogley Index and Manuscript (History of Barking)

The manuscript seems to have been written during late 1890 to about 1910, with a couple of notes added as late as 1913. It has approx. 3,000 personal names and nearly 1,400 place names.

There's also £2.50 off this little gem, so once again, click here if you'd like to buy it: Frog

Other products in this series include:

Crow Lane Burial index 1871-1953 listing 20,000 entries.

Census 1851 West Ham.HO107/1768.
Including the following sub-districts of Stratford: Stratford, Plaistow, Church St. West Ham: East Ham & Little Ilford.

Census 1891 Hackney Part 1.RG12/0179 - 0194.
Covering: Stoke Newington, Stamfod Hill, West Hackney and Hackney.
Published by the East of London FHS.

Census 1891 West Ham Part 1 RG12/1310 - 1325

Including the areas of Stratford: Custom House also parts of Canning Town & Plaistow.

Census 1891 West Ham Part 2 RG12/1326 - 1342

Including the areas of: Plaistow (part), Canning Town (part), West Ham, Upton, Forest Gate,
East Ham, Manor park, little Ilford, Beckton and North Woolwich.

Watermen & Lightermen

Apprenticeships Bindings Index 1692-1908 (Vols 1-9)

Complete set Apprenticeship Bindings Vols 1-9
This Adobe Acrobat searchable CD-Rom contains Rob Cottrell’s transcriptions of the Company of Watermen & Lightermen Apprenticeship Bindings - over 65,000 names from 1692 to 1908. Each entry shows the apprentice’s name, date of binding, location, Master or Mistress’s full name and date of freedom (if granted). For example;
5701. LEGON JOHN 09/04/1742 SHADWELL THOMAS LEGON 28/04/1749
Also on the CD you will find information on Doggett’s Coat and Badge Race, including a list of winners, with their binding dates, location and Masters, from 1716 to 1900, and an article by Rob on the History of the Company.
This CD is the starting point for those with waterage ancestry. Once you have established the Binding date of your ancestor, the next step is to apply for his Apprenticeship Affidavit. This will show you his dates of birth and baptism and most importantly, the parish he was born in. This then enables further research.

To buy this very popular CD please click here: AB

The Company of Watermen & Lightermen : Reassignment Index 1688-1908.

This CD lists some 12,000 apprentices that were reassigned from their original master to another. In some cases to more than one other master.

The entries were extracted from the Apprenticeship Bindings Indexes that cover the same time period.A typical entry reads as follows:
(Whom I happen to know was his mother).

To buy this Cd please click here: RI

You can browse all of the other Watermen and Lightermen products by clicking here: W&L

Catholic Registers

SS. Mary and Joseph, Poplar Roman Catholic Chapel.

Marriages and Baptisms 1818 - 1856

Marriages:- Bride, Groom and may include parents and witnesses.
Baptisms:- Name of baptised, and may include Mother, Father and sponsors.

To buy this CD please click here: SSMary

Misc Catholic London District Baptism, Marriages and Burials Vol 1

27 indexed transcriptions of Catholic Parish Registers from churches, chapels and missions in the county of Middlesex

To buy this CD please click here: Catholic 2

The Registers of the Sardinian Embassy Chapel, London, 1772 - 1841(Church of SS Anselm and Cecilia in Holborn). This comprises indexed transcriptions of over 22000 baptisms hitherto unpublished, a work which has taken them about 10 years to produce!!In total there are 60000 odd entries on this CD, a bargain at £7.95!

To buy this CD please click here: Catholic 3

Here's the new Catholic Family History Society CD I promised you:

Misc Catholic London District Transcriptions, Baptisms, Marriages,Confirmations Vol 2

·       French Chapel Royal: Baptisms 1842-1911 and Marriages 1846-1910
·         Kentish Town, St Alexis: Baptisms 1849-1854
·         Blessed Virgin Mary of Czestochowa and St Stanislaus Kostka Chapels, Central London: Baptisms 1863-1877
·         Soho St Patrick: Baptisms 1779-1851, Index to Baptisms 1793-1937, Confirmations 1818-1854 and Marriages 1809-1856
·         Southwark St George's Fields Chapel: Baptisms 1788-1823 and Marriages 1823-1837
·         St James, Spanish Place, Westminster: Baptisms 1732-1848 and Marriages 1732-1845
·         Standon, Old Hall Green, Herts.: Baptisms 1811-1831, Confirmations 1814-1849 and Marriages 1812-1848
·         Virginia Street Chapel, Wapping: Baptisms 1832-1840

If you would like this CD please click here: Catholic 4

Merchant Taylors

The Merchant Taylors 1520-1929 (36000 entries-Exclusive to Docklands Ancestors!)The index gives the name, date of freedom, method of admission (apprenticeship, patrimony, or redemption), name of master if by apprenticeship, date of election to livery, and 'Remarks'. 

To purchase this CD please click here:  Merchant Taylors

Thames and River Medway Series  

If you'd like to browse the 84 CDs which contain a selection of marriages, banns, burials and baptisms available from Rob Cottrell please click here: T&RMS

SPECIAL OFFER Compendium CDs 1-5

This is a very special offer price for customers who wish to buy our first five Compendium CDs.

The five CDs comprise volumes 1-60 of the Docklands Ancestors Series of parish register transcriptions.

Please see the itemised descriptions on the individual CDs for a complete list of contents.

Price if bought separately: 60 x £7.95 = £477
Price of individual Compendium CDs: £49.99 + £39.99 + £39.99 + £39.99 + £49.99 = £219.95
Special Offer price: £149.99

To take advantage of this special discount please click here: 1-5

Also, don't forget we've recently brought out compendium 6
vol 61 St Anne Limehouse 1854-1877
vol 62 St Dunstan Stepney 1835-1837
vol 63 St Mary Whitechapel 1774-1792
vol 64 Christ Church, Spitalfield 1729-1763
vol 65 Christ Church Spitalfield 1763-1795
vol 66 St George in the East 1861-1877
vol 67 St Dunstan Stepney 1837-1848
vol 68 St George in the East 1848-1861
vol 69 St John Wapping 1665-1707
Vol 70 St John Wapping 1734-1780
Docklands Ancestors Parish Register CDs - Compendiums' Department

Docklands Ancestors Parish Register CD Department 

East of London FHS Publications Department 

Map Department

Map of Middlesex 1611 by by John Norden and John Speed


This beautiful and highly illustrated map of Middlesex has 2 town plans. One of Westminster and the other of London being separate towns at that time. In the lower 2 corners of this map are drawings of Saint Peters or Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral with a set of notes on each. St Paul's is shown with the loss of its spire in 1561 before it was restored in the 1630s by Inigo Jones. The print shown is a copy of the original and so is in colour, the print we offer you is in black and white. The print measures 46cms x 58cms. 

To buy this map for £4.95 plus p&p please click here: Middlesex

A Balloon View of London 1851


One of several maps and panoramas of London to come out in 1851, the year of the Great Exhibition. This is an aerial panorama, naming streets and showing many individual buildings. The view is looking southwards and therefore appears "upside-down" compared to most maps. The enormous glass building built in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition is shown - Cockneys dubbed it the "Crystal Palace" and it's even named as such on the panorama.

The black and white map is an exhilarating view of London looking south over the River Thames, as if taken from a balloon over Hampstead. This plan/view's extent (St John's Wood - Battersea Park - De Beauvoir Town - Greenwich) and large size makes for a superbly detailed image with innumerable streets, buildings and landmarks identifiable. First published on the opening day of the Great Exhibition, the plan proved immensely popular with re-issues appearing into the late 1870s.

Size:101x66 cm

To buy one for £8.50 click here: Balloon

Devastated London - The Bombed City As Seen From A Barrage Balloon


To buy this (folded) map for the bargain price of £4.50 click here: Devastated London

Ecclesiastical Map-County of London 1903 

A Map of the Ecclesiastical Divisions within the County of London 1903. The map shows all Church of England parish boundaries in the London County Council area on a scale of 2 miles to the inch. Facsimile, printed in colour and folded in a case with brief introduction by Simon Morris. Approximate extent: Highgate to Streatham; Hammersmith to Isle of Dogs. Publication no 155 (1999).

Price: £5.00 To buy this map please click here

London and Its Environs 1813


Price: £3.95! To buy this map and for more information please click here

Rocque's 1745 Survey of London


Price: £7.95 To buy this map and for more information please click here

 To view our comprehensive Alan Godfrey maps collection please click here  

Waterman & Parish Register Special Offer Price: £129.93

Book Shop

             My Ancestors were Thames Watermen: A Guide to Tracing your Thames Waterman and Lighterman (by James Legon)


Here's our new book:

Voices of Stepney:Life in the Heart of East End

voices of stepney.jpg

Dee Gordon’s new book is the unique and fascinating result of many conversations with people who lived and worked in Stepney during the 1950s and ’60s. Vivid memories are recounted – focusing particularly on social change. As well as school days, work and play, transport and entertainment, there are also memories of Stepney Green, the Royal London Hospital, Charrington’s Brewery, Wilton’s Music Hall, Cabel Street, and Brick Lane. Anyone who knows Stepney, as a resident or as a visitor, will be amused and entertained, surprised and moved by these stories, which capture the unique spirit of the East End.

To buy this excellent book please click here: VofS

This month's recommended books

The Plagues of London         A Dictionary of Old Trades, Titles & Occupations       

the_plagues_of_London.jpg                                a_dictionary.jpg

To buy either of these titles please click on the title

If you'd like to browse the book shop (save me putting them all in here) we stock books in the following areas:

London History

Watermen and Lightermen

East End - History/Archive Photograph Books

River Thames and Docklands 

Rare Books

One-Off Books (used, all good condition)

Step By-Step Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors by D.M.Field (£3.50 plus p & p)

The chapels in the Tower of London (The chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula and the Chapel of St.John The Evangelist by The Reverend John F.M.Llewellyn (£3 plus p & p)

These second-hand titles are not on the site so if you would like to buy one please e-mail Yvonne at (first come first served!) and payment is by cheque only.

Research Services

Our particular areas of expertise include the Company of Watermen and Lightermen Archives and Parish Records for both the City of London and the East End. However, we undertake all aspects of research including Census Data, Electoral Rolls, Wills, Newspaper Searches etc.
If you think we might be able to help you then do contact us. Email Esme at We will discuss your requirements and advise on options. If you want us to undertake research on your behalf, we will agree a proposal and a price. Typically, you will receive a written report, setting out the objectives, itemising in detail the sources and documents searched and discussing the results (both positive and negative). Photocopies of relevant entries will be included.

Interesting Sites


So, what have I uncovered this month?

British Pathe News

I have been so impressed by this site that I've put a link to it on the welcome page of our site (no, we make no money from it, so it's not an advert in that sense) but I just wanted everyone else to discover it too. In their words, 'The world's finest news and entertainment video film archive. You can view and buy films and still photographs from the entire archive of 90,000 videos covering newsreel, sports footage, social history documentaries, entertainment and music stories from 1896 to 1976.'

Here's a couple of the clips that I found:

Queen Mary visits the East End 1921

Dogget's Race on the Thames

Here's a site I came across this week while trying to make connections between a William Legon who lived in Madresfield in the 1600s and whose will I've got and the rest of the family. Then I found this site and found a William Lygon who lived in Madresfield around the same time, wow, what a coincidence. The 'odd' thing is all my Legon ancestors were poor but these Lygons were nobility so........ at the moment it's still a mystery! A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe

Here's another site I came across recently called History House which delves into the history of all villages and towns in Essex. Obviously if you have no connections to the area then this isn't for you (although many Eastenders migrated to the county as they managed to drag themselves out of the poverty trap). If you click on the link you'll come to a page about Theydon Bois with a picture of the village pond in around 1955, around which I spent much of my childhood.

Thinking about place names I mentioned at the start I have become increasingly interested in why they were called what they were called i.e why was it Bednal Green? So I did the usual and Googled it which led me to Wikipedia. This gave me all the information I could possibly want. It turns out that other variants on the spelling are Blithehale, Blythenhale, Bethan Hall Green as well as the Bednal Green in the St Dunstan transcriptions. So, what does it mean? Happy Corner! To find out more click here: Bednal Green


Ramblings from the Council Estate

So what's the big news from the council estate this month? Well, I suppose it must be 'she who must be obeyed's' little toe (right foot). She's only managed to break it, and tried to pin the blame on me! I'm sure you'll side with me on this one though. Picture this; I come home from a long training run and stagger into the sitting room, I take my trainers off, then plug into the computer to download my run from the pod in my shoe to said computer (if this bit doesn't make sense to you, don't worry). After that events are unclear, but I'm sure I had a therapeutic bath, a drink and did a few bits and bobs. Sometime later she comes home and then at some time decides to do something on the computer. On the way she decides to kick my trainers and oooops broke her toe, just like that. "Silly so and so" I say, "You bl*****y idiot" she replies, and says it's my fault, would you credit it??? Anyway, what do I hear for the next few days, "Oh my poor toe, that was your fault, but don't worry, I'll be alright." In actual fact she should be grateful to me, she got two days off work out of it. Mind you she did waste them, laying on the sofa taking it easy! On the other hand, now she is back at work, she's unable to wear her usual outfit matching shoes and has to wear trainers that don't really match anything. The thing is, things have only got worse for her! (never rains but...) 'cause on her second day back to work she went out for lunch with her boss (grovel, grovel!) and since then she's been struck down with food poisoning with all to frequent trips to the smallest room in the house!

Talking about food, I've learnt a new recipe, not sure what it's called but creamy salmon pasta seems to sum it up. Pay attention because I really recommend you try it. So, you'll need these ingredients to serve two; 250 ml of double cream, 2 salmon fillets, one teaspoon of garlic, a couple of hand-fulls of pasta, one red onion and some parsley or similar. Right, first, chuck the onion (cut up of course) into a frying pan with some olive oil, and fry until soft. Then add the salmon (cut into cubes) and the garlic. Then, after the salmon is cooked (about ten minutes) add the double cream. Meanwhile you will have been cooking the pasta at the same time. Once you have added the cream and stirred it a few times, drain the pasta and bung it in with everything else. Give it a few more stirs and Bob's your uncle finished! Oops nearly forgot, add a sprinkling of parsley on top. I also had this radical thought, you could change the salmon for chicken if you prefer.

You know in the last newsletter, assuming you read it to the end and hadn't nodded off, I mentioned that I might do a marathon next, well I've committed myself and signed up for one in September! I initially harboured thoughts of doing the London (the Holy Grail) but when I logged on to the website on the day the ballot was opened I was already too late, all 125000 places had gone!  Never mind I thought, there must be others. After a quick look I found one that goes from Ware in Hertfordshire all the way down the river Lea to Hackney marshes, perfect, nice and flat and a maximum entry of 350. It will also be quite poignant as James and I walked much of that route the summer before he had his heart attack. Am I up to it? Course I am! I did a gentle 13 miles yesterday almost as quickly as I did the Sheffield half marathon so the 30 miles a week I'm doing now is sure paying off! Mind you my schedule will be sorely tested in a week or so....'what's he talking about' I hear you say....the World cup of course, three games a day at first I should think, that will seem like a bit of a marathon!

What with her broken toe and food poisoning my usual source of a good joke has let me down this month so here's three I prepared earlier:

Doctor, Doctor my son has swallowed my pen, what should I do?
Use a pencil ‘till I get there

Doctor, Doctor I've got wind! Can you give me something?
Yes - here's a kite!

Doctor, how do I stop my nose from running?!
Stick your foot out and trip it up!

All the best  

Jonathan and the team


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