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Welcome to the January ParishRegister newsletter and a happy new year to you all. Not much gardening work at this time of year, so I've been busy with all sorts of things lately. A wealth of material to do with watermen and lightermen has been added to the site.

Online Searchable Databases

This is the progress of transcriptions underway and uploaded to the online searchable databases:

St Dunstan, Stepney, baptisms, 1816-1826, approx 10,500 entries.80% of entries are now live. Lots of entries from Shadwell, Ratcliff, Limehouse, Wapping and Poplar.

St Mary Whitechapel, baptisms, 1812-1823, approx 6,847 entries NOW COMPLETE. 1792-1812 will follow very shortly. And then we'll get started on post 1823 entries.

I'm waiting for the film of St Mary Newington, Southwark ( 1829-1837 ) to arrive. First entries will on the site in February.

I know I said Greenwich was on the list to do next, but 3 Greenwich parishes will appear in connection with incorporating the Thames & River Medway Series onto the site. These are Christchurch, St Peter and St Andrew.

After these, we're probably going to concentrate on further All Saints Poplar, St Mary Whitechapel and St George in the East transcriptions.

But this is where you'll hear about things first! Do keep your requests coming in though.

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Bits & Bobs

# Thanks for the feedback on the Registers of Electors. We'll continue transcribing them and lets hope they prove to be useful

# Waterman enthusiasts should take a look in the Picture Gallery page. I've just come across a 1785 Table of Fares, from the National Archives. London Bridge to Westminster for example was a shilling, by oars.

# Another document I've got hold of from the National Archives is A 1673 list of watermen who were impressed, held in the Tower of London. It was compiled by the clerk to the Company, Thomas Lowe and lists 31 names.

# On the same subject, we've started a new section on the Waterman page called Book Extracts. The first is on the subject of apprenticeship and comes from Men of the Tideway by Dick Fagan & Eric Burgess. I've done this because the book is extremely rare and is 1 of only a few surviving accounts written by an actual lighterman. I'll try to add a bit each month.

# I'm also dead chuffed that I've recently obtained a book called 'Working Lives'. This contains the accounts of 12 people from the East End and one of them is by a lighterman, Arthur Dedman. It turned up in San Francisco so it's really done some miles! It's certainly made my Christmas, being a nice change from the usual socks etc. I'll type it out soonish and post that to the extracts section too.

# Another account by a lighterman has also come to my attention. This one an interview from Jim Stacey from the excellent River Lee website. Here's a link to it:

# That now makes 5 written accounts that I've unearthed and I feel proud that we can do our part to preserve and disseminate this priceless knowledge.

# Work is still ongoing on making the Thames & River Medway Series searchable online. I've converted the first 64 volumes from Word into Access databases, further sorted into baptisms, marriages and burials. Hopefully it won't be too long now till they're on the website. It's proving a bit of a technical nightmare ( I'll spare you the details! ). But, we will get there in the end.

# We've added about 15 pictures to the Gallery, all Thames related, all found on ebay, which is a wonderful source for finding things. One I'm particularly pleased about is an original article from the January 1869 London Illustrated News. It contains a wonderful picture of the then recently completed St Peter's London Docks. St Peter's was the parish church of my ancestors for decades and its registers were the first I transcribed.

# Something else that's come my way via a frantic auction on ebay is an 1899 Report of the Royal Asylum for Thames Watermen. Amongst other things, it contains a list of inmates. I'm going to scan this and produce it as a CD, as it cost me a fortune!
More details next month.

# Well I think I can put hand on heart now and honestly say that ParishReg is now the leading resource base for all matters waterman & lighterman. When I win the Lottery, I'll set up a seperate website dedicated solely to this subject, as that's what it deserves. So if anybody out there is feeling philanthropic with a few grand to spare......................?

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I’ve used my own scissors and cut this bit out and sent it with my order. Obviously, I printed it off first ! Or, I copied, pasted and printed it out ! ( Well done Mike!)
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Have a good Christmas and good luck with your researches.

James and the ParishRegister team

The closing quote:
" “He’s one of our own” meant that he was part of a lighterman’s family, part of generations of river workers, part, in a way, of the river itself." Dick Fagan, lighterman


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