Parish Register Newsletter: March 2010

Welcome to the parishregister  March newsletter. Well, this month we've got a new CD, volume 68, a few more of those balloon view maps available (be quick or you'll miss 'em) and I've knocked £5 off a compendium CD for this month only. 

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Recently up-loaded:

St John Wapping 1618-1665 

St John Wapping 1707-1734 

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New CD

Volume 68 St George in the East  Baptism Registers 1848-1861
9464 entries

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Merchant Taylors 1530-1928 - to search click here Merchant Taylors 

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In transcription

St Matthew Bethnal Green 1799-1819

St George in the East 1877-1893

St Dunstan Stepney 1568-1608 

St Anthony Globe Road 1879-1899

Other selected products

Thames & River Medway Series

Volume 11

St.Botolph Northfleet 1837-1871 baptisms, marriages and burials; St.Peter, St.Paul, Swanscombe 1861-1883 baptisms, marriages and burials;St.Margaret's, Ifield (near Northfleet) 1813-1900 baptisms, marriages and burials; All Saints, Perry Street, Northfleet 1871-1900 baptisms and marriages; St.Nicholas, Deptford 1813-1847 baptisms only.

If you fancy this CD please click here: St Botolph

Catholic Registers

Misc Catholic London District Baptism, Marriages and Burials Vol 1

27 indexed transcriptions of Catholic Parish Registers from churches, chapels and missions in the county of Middlesex

To buy this CD please click here: Catholic 2

The Registers of the Sardinian Embassy Chapel, London, 1772 - 1841(Church of SS Anselm and Cecilia in Holborn). This comprises indexed transcriptions of over 22000 baptisms hitherto unpublished, a work which has taken them about 10 years to produce!!In total there are 60000 odd entries on this CD, a bargain at £7.95!

To buy this CD please click here: Catholic 3

Oh yes, watch this space for another Catholic CD also in the pipeline and coming soon, it will consist of:

·         French Chapel Royal: Baptisms 1842-1911 and Marriages 1846-1910
·         Kentish Town, St Alexis: Baptisms 1849-1854
·         Blessed Virgin Mary of Czestochowa and St Stanislaus Kostka Chapels, Central London: Baptisms 1863-1877
·         Soho St Patrick: Baptisms 1779-1851, Index to Baptisms 1793-1937, Confirmations 1818-1854 and Marriages 1809-1856
·         Southwark St George's Fields Chapel: Baptisms 1788-1823 and Marriages 1823-1837
·         St James, Spanish Place, Westminster: Baptisms 1732-1848 and Marriages 1732-1845
·         Standon, Old Hall Green, Herts.: Baptisms 1811-1831, Confirmations 1814-1849 and Marriages 1812-1848
·         Virginia Street Chapel, Wapping: Baptisms 1832-1840

It should be available by about next week, so keep an eye the site.

Merchant Taylors

The Merchant Taylors 1520-1929 (36000 entries-Exclusive to Docklands Ancestors!)The index gives the name, date of freedom, method of admission (apprenticeship, patrimony, or redemption), name of master if by apprenticeship, date of election to livery, and 'Remarks'. 

To purchase this CD please click here:  Merchant Taylors

Watermen & Lightermen

My Ancestors rowed for Doggett's Coats & 1715-2009 NEW 2nd Edition

Written by Rob Cottrell. Published by Trueflare Ltd. CD in Adobe Acrobat format.
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Waterman & Parish Register Combination Special Offer


This special offer comprises the Thames Waterman Collection (£84.95) and the Docklands Ancestors Series Parish Register Compendiums 1 (£49.99)and 2 (£39.99)

Save an additional £45 by buying these products together

This offer is ideal for those who have just discovered that they have waterman ancestry and East End roots, so if that's you click here: Collection

Docklands Ancestors Parish Register CDs - Compendiums' Department

Here's this month's offer, £5 off an already cheap compendium 3

This CD comprises volumes 31-40 of the Docklands Ancestors Series of parish register transcriptions.

The parishes included are:
Volume 31 St Paul, Shadwell Baptism Registers 1734-1754
Volume 32 Holy Trinity, Mile End Registers 1841-1884
Volume 33 St Mary Whitechapel Baptism Registers 1842-1865
Volume 34 St Anne,Limehouse Baptism Registers 1813-1821
Volume 35 St Paul Shadwell Baptism Registers 1755-1774
Volume 36 St George in the East Baptism Registers 1729-1749
Volume 37 St Dunstan, Stepney Baptism Registers 1808-1816
Volume 38 St George in the East Baptism Registers 1750-1770
Volume 39 St John Wapping Baptism Registers 1781-1812
Volume 40 St Dunstan, Stepney Baptism Registers 1746-1757

There are approx. 70,000 transcribed entries on the CD, all of which are easily searchable and indexed alphabetically too.

Price if bought separately:
10 x £6.95 = £69.50

Price this month only, £34.99, so click here if you want to take advantage: comp 3

Docklands Ancestors Parish Register CD Department 

East of London FHS Publications Department 

Map Department

Map of Middlesex 1611 by by John Norden and John Speed


This beautiful and highly illustrated map of Middlesex has 2 town plans. One of Westminster and the other of London being separate towns at that time. In the lower 2 corners of this map are drawings of Saint Peters or Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral with a set of notes on each. St Paul's is shown with the loss of its spire in 1561 before it was restored in the 1630s by Inigo Jones. The print shown is a copy of the original and so is in colour, the print we offer you is in black and white. The print measures 46cms x 58cms. 

To buy this map for £4.95 plus p&p please click here: Middlesex

A Balloon View of London 1851


One of several maps and panoramas of London to come out in 1851, the year of the Great Exhibition. This is an aerial panorama, naming streets and showing many individual buildings. The view is looking southwards and therefore appears "upside-down" compared to most maps. The enormous glass building built in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition is shown - Cockneys dubbed it the "Crystal Palace" and it's even named as such on the panorama.

The black and white map is an exhilarating view of London looking south over the River Thames, as if taken from a balloon over Hampstead. This plan/view's extent (St John's Wood - Battersea Park - De Beauvoir Town - Greenwich) and large size makes for a superbly detailed image with innumerable streets, buildings and landmarks identifiable. First published on the opening day of the Great Exhibition, the plan proved immensely popular with re-issues appearing into the late 1870s. This is an early Stanford edition with the aquatint detail fresh and distinct, and presents a wonderful picture of London prior to the great Victorian expansion.
Size:101x66 cm

The two I had last month were snapped up really quickly but I'm pleased to say I've got hold of three more! So, as last month, if you want one, don't hang around!

To buy one click here: Balloon

Devastated London - The Bombed City As Seen From A Barrage Balloon


To buy this (folded) map click here: Devastated London

Ecclesiastical Map-County of London 1903 

A Map of the Ecclesiastical Divisions within the County of London 1903. The map shows all Church of England parish boundaries in the London County Council area on a scale of 2 miles to the inch. Facsimile, printed in colour and folded in a case with brief introduction by Simon Morris. Approximate extent: Highgate to Streatham; Hammersmith to Isle of Dogs. Publication no 155 (1999).

Price: £5.00 To buy this map please click here

London and Its Environs 1813


Price: £3.95 To buy this map and for more information please click here

Rocque's 1745 Survey of London


Price: £7.95 To buy this map and for more information please click here

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Docklands Ancestors Parish Register CDs (68 CDs now to choose from)

Compendiums  (including our latest, compendium 6)

Waterman & Parish Register Special Offer Price: £129.93

Book Shop

             My Ancestors were Thames Watermen: A Guide to Tracing your Thames Waterman and Lighterman (by James Legon)


Spitalfields People Talk About The Evacuation


When people found out we were Jews, we were looked at in amazement by some of them. I remember one kid saying, “Where’s your horns?” Six people describe here honestly and with humour, their different experiences, as London people , of being evacuated during the war. The reception they received were varied; some experienced prejudice – either anti-Semitic, or just plain “anti-Londoner”. Others made lasting friendships. Whether they had happy times or sad times, they tell you their stories directly and vividly. Their memories evoke some of the flavour of the period: readers old enough to have experienced the war will discover much that touches them, while younger readers will be fascinated and moved by the descriptions of childhood overturned by the events of a world in confusion.

Spitalfields Books began in 1976, when Barbara Powis, a worker at the Montefiore Community Education Centre, was asked by residents of Spitafields to help them produce their reminiscences of the evacuation. Barbara tape-recorded and transcribed the recollections of a group of Spitalfields people, and together with photographer Tom Learmonth, has produced this first book in a series of publications by local people.

If you'd like this book please click here: Spital

Southwark Revisited (Images of England) by John D Beasley

Changing Times: Southwark Remembered by John D Beasley

Greenwich: Center of the World (Images of England) by David Ramzan

Greenwich (Archive Photographs)

Bermondsey & Rotherhithe Remembered by Stephen Humphrey

Around Lewisham and Deptford in Old Photographs (In Old Photographs)by John Coulter

Maritime Greenwich By David Ramzan

If any of these books from south of the river interest you click here: South

One-Off Books (used, all good condition)

Step By-Step Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors by D.M.Field (£3.50 plus p & p)

The chapels in the Tower of London (The chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula and the Chapel of St.John The Evangelist by The Reverend John F.M.Llewellyn (£3 plus p & p)

These second-hand titles are not on the site so if you would like to buy one please e-mail Yvonne at (first come first served!) and payment is by cheque only.

Interesting Sites


Genealogy Wise Jim found this site and told me about it. It's well worth a look. It has groups such as ones on the Huguenots and Walloons, Australian Genealogists, West Virginia Genealogists and many groups related to specific surnames. There are also lots of various forums and blogs, and videos.....

Olive Tree Genealogy Blog Another site with loads of different blogs on genealogy topics I can't, off the top of my head remember if I've told you about this site before, but it's definitely worth a look, and very interesting indeed. It hasn't just got maps, but you also get stories and the history behind the maps; it as they say, a perfect way to time travel London!

Gendocs-genealogical research in England and Wales The site has loads of useful web pages devoted to helping you research your London ancestors, too many in actual fact to list here, so click on the link and have a look!


Ramblings from the Council Estate

Well, Spring is here, the clocks have sprung forward and we're due to have some snow for Easter! Not sure if I'm convinced about global warming, well maybe the rest of the globe, but not this country! Fortunately, though, we've had a few warm days and the grass has started to grow so I've been able to get out and do some mowing at last. Don't know about any other of you who are gardeners out there, but have you noticed there's loads of moss on lawns at the moment. It's the first time I've had to get a rake out; it's not bad on a postage stamp garden, but when it's a couple of acres, that's a lot of raking!

Talking about nature, our little friends have returned! Who? You'll remember, unless you're new to my newsletter, that we had a few (mostly yellow with black spots) ladybirds set up home in our bedroom last year, or was it the year before? Anyway, it's their cousins this time, the common and garden red and black ones that have taken a shine to out decor. Now, I'm all for communing with nature, but her indoors, brings her out in a rash and sends her into a blind panic (a bit like exercise), so I have to quickly capture the little beetles and dispatch them out the window before she takes more drastic action!

Yvonne found an interesting article in the local rag the other day-apparently the local bin men, or what would be their proper names be...refuse technicians?...wouldn't empty someone's bin because it was facing the wrong way! Must be something to do with 'elf and safety (nothing to do with laziness)! I only bring it up because I highlighted this practice last year when they introduced the garden wheelie bin, and did the same thing to Yvonne.

Oh yes, the temporary sound of silence outside in Kingsland Road has reminded me of another thing I need to get off my chest, yet again! ROADWORKS!!! They're out there again, Saturday and Sunday, 8 o'clock on the dot, drilling away to their hearts' content! Then I heard this fact about the digging up of roads in London on London Tonight (or similar), and that was that on average every road in London is dug up four times every year! I suppose we're just lucky in that our road is very long, just imagine if you live in a cul-de-sac!

That's about it for another month. By the next newsletter I'd have done my half marathon in Sheffield so I'll let you know how I got on then (as well as little bro Will). Training has been 'stop go' recently with various elastic bands in my legs threatening to snap every now and again, but never actually doing so, (so don't worry yourself mum!).

I'll leave you with a few dates of up-coming events around the country:

    18th April: The Gloucestershire FHS Open Day, Crypt School, Gloucester. 

    3rd May: The Family History Event, The Barbican Exhibition Centre, London. (To be confirmed.) 

     6th June: Gwent Family History Society Open Day, County Hall, Cwmbran. 

    27th June: The YorkshireFamily History Fair, The Knavesmire, York Racecourse

and of course a joke supplied by the cake queen:

Dan was a single guy living at home with his father and working in the family business.

When he found out he was going to inherit a fortune when his sickly father died, he decided he needed to find a wife with whom to share his fortune.

One evening, at an investment meeting, he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  Her natural beauty took his breath away.

"I may look like just an ordinary guy," he said to her, "but in just a few years, my father will die and I will inherit $200 million."

Impressed, the woman asked for his business card and three weeks later, she became his stepmother.

Women are so much better at financial planning than men.


All the best  

Jonathan and the team

ooops, nearly forgot my usual bit of silliness; here's a couple of babies that do not a lot and here's another guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.


-A Passion For Family History-

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