Parish Register Newsletter: February 2014

Welcome to the February parishregister newsletter of 2014!  This month we've put another two databases on the site for you to search; St Mary Whitechapel  1687 to 1692 and St Jude Bethnal Green 1846 to 1875 Also we've got some prints of Thames watermen that you might like, and more compendiums going for a song!

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This Month's Special Offer!!!!

All these for less than £15! 

Isle of Dogs Parish Registers. This comprises Docklands Ancestors Series CDs:
Vol 8 St Luke Millwall 1866-1887
Vol 9 Christ Church, Cubbitt Town 1876-1904
Vol 10 All Saints Poplar 1835-1857
Vol 11 St John Cubbitt Town 1887-1902
Vol 15 All Saints Poplar 1813-1835

Limehouse Parish Registers. This comprises Docklands Ancestors Series CDs:
Vol 3 St Paul Shadwell 1852-1881
Vol 4 St James Ratcliff 1841-1913
Vol 6 St Anne Limehouse 1833-1854
Vol 7 St Peter Limehouse 1866-1903

Southwark Parish Registers
This comprises Docklands Ancestors series CD
Vol 21 St Mary Newington, Southwark 1829-1837
Vol 54 St Mary Newington, Southwark 1837-1842
vol 2 St Mary Newington, Southwark 1902-1922
vol 23 St Mary, Magdalen, Bermondsey 1782-1812
vol 53 St Mary, Magdalen, Bermondsey 1813-1822
vol 25 St Mary, magdalen, Bermondsey 1822-1829

If you wanted an even better bargain you could of course check out this special offer special offer 1-5

To search the marriage records click here: Marriages

To search all our baptism records click hereGood luck!

To search the 36000 entry Merchant Taylor records 1530-1928 click hereMT

We've  got three new and exclusive prints of Thames watermen available for you to purchase

Waterman by London Bridge


Waterman by London Bridge
A hand painting by Grant Osman.

A waterman dressed in his trade mark red coat with his arm badge on his left shoulder

Lighterman on the River Thames

latest waterman in river thames 3 JPG version (1)

Lighterman on the River Thames
Another stunning hand painting by Grant Osman

Lightermen tranfering the cargo from ship to shore in the scene on the River Thames. You can see St Paul's Cathedral in the background.

Lightermen uploading

waterman pic for admin (1)

Lightermen Uploading 
This is produced from an exclusive hand painting by Grant Osman. 

It is used as the main cover for our Watermen and Lightermen CD. 

If you would like to buy any of these prints please click here: Prints

Now In Transcription


St Mary Whitechapel 1692 onward

St Luke Limehouse 1846-1875

Interesting/Useful Sites
This month I've found these sites interesting!

Genuk  provides a virtual reference library of genealogical information of particular relevance to the UK and Ireland. It is a non-commercial service, maintained by a charitable trust and a group of volunteers

Family Search The site has changed quite a bit since I last visited it-take a look!

History of Thames Watermen on Portcities website

Watermen and Lightermen Section

Apprenticeship Bindings 1688-1692

These are the earliest known surviving
indexes from the original register at Waterman's Hall, these records complete the coverage of the apprenticeship bindings.

My Ancestor Worked On The River Thames by Rob Cottrell.A guide 

to help you find where they worked. 

1628 Admiralty Muster of Watermen


James transcribed this document from the National Archives in Kew. On the searchable CD-Rom, there are some 2,393 names of Watermen. Information recorded is forename, surname, age in 1628/9, number of voyages made, location and notes (such as trumpeter, gunner, boatswain).
As you will have noticed, the earliest Company record is dated 1692, so this is a wonderful resource for possibly pushing your history further back in time.

1648 Petition of Watermen for the King.


This document, from the House of Lords, records the names of 2,026 watermen from the last year of the reign of Charles I. It was instigated by the Royal Bargemasters, Nowell Warner and Robert Bursey, and written by the clerk to the Company, Thomas Lowe.

The Petition is the vital link between the earlier 1628 Admiralty Muster and the beginnings of the Company's records in 1692.

Also included on the CD are an index to the names, commentary & analysis by James and image samples of the original 350 year old scroll together with a 1673 list of Watermen in the Tower of London

The Company of Watermen & Lightermen : Reassignment Index 1688-1908.


This CD lists some 12,000 apprentices that were reassigned from their original master to another. In some cases to more than one other master.


To browse our entire collection of Watermen CDs, including our apprenticeship records, please click here: Watermen

Watermen Books
under oars 2 Under Oars: Reminiscences of a Thames Lighterman, 1894-1909, by Harry Harris.

An incredibly rare book, one of the only ones written by a Thames Lighterman, about the arduous job of working on the river. I saw one on the internet the other day on sale for £120! 

Tales of a Thames Lighterman, by Ernest G Murray.

This book is incredibly rare and this is probably one of the only copies on the market!

Thomas Doggett Pictur'd by Walter Leon. 

This is a rare first edition 


stmarystjosephCatholic records

Click on the above to discover all of the titles in our catholic records collection!


East of London Family History Society

Census 1891 Hackney Part 1.RG12/0179 - 0194.
Covering: Stoke Newington, Stamfod Hill, West Hackney and Hackney

Census 1891 West Ham Part 1

Census 1891 West Ham Part 1 RG12/1310 - 1325

Including the areas of Stratford: Custom House also parts of Canning Town & Plaistow.

Published by the East of London FHS. 

Price: £10.00 

Census 1891 West Ham Part 2

Census 1891 West Ham Part 2 RG12/1326 - 1342

Including the areas of: Plaistow (part), Canning Town (part), West Ham, Upton, Forest Gate,
East Ham, Manor park, little Ilford, Beckton and North Woolwich.

Published by the East of London FHS

Price: £10.00

Tower Hamlets Marriages & Banns (Vol 1)-Disc3  Holy Trinity Minories 1676 - 1754
Christ Church Spitalfields Banns 1833 - 1861 

Merchant Taylors   Merchant Taylors' Company Membership Index 1530 - 1928 


To buy the CD of the complete database (36000 records) click here: Merchant Taylors' Company Membership Index 1530 - 1928

To search the index click : MT Index


Medway CD_front_page_product_image 2

To search the entire collection click below:

Trueflare Thames and River Medway single CDs

Trueflare Thames and River Medway compendium CDs


To browse all of our maps including the Alan Godfrey collection (still at the old price) click here: MAPS

This map remains our most popular, and at only a fiver plus postage, it's a real bargain!

Ecclesiastical Map-County of London 1903

A Map of the Ecclesiastical Divisions within the County of London 1903 

The London County Council Bomb Damage Maps 1939–45.

Ann Saunders(editor) 

bomb damage 3

Atlas of over 100 detailed maps printed in colour, with a 22 page introduction by Dr Robin Woolven. The maps cover an irregular area which extends roughly from Hammersmith to Woolwich and from Highgate to Sydenham.The book is large A3 format and consists of scans of OS maps coloured in at the time by the London County Council showing the levels of destruction in areas. Circles show V1 and V2 strikes.
Hardback, published jointly with London Metropolitan Archives. Publication no 164 (2005) By London Topographical Society
The London Metropolitan Archives have currently no plans to reprint.
WE HAVE ONLY GOT THIS 1 IN STOCK and it is now extremely rare.

And at under a fiver here is another great bargain that would make an excellent present!

Middlesex 1611 by John Norden and John Speed

middlesex 2


Rocque's 1745 Survey of London

rocques 2



Remembering Romford (In Old Photographs) by Brian Evans 

Spitalfields People Talk About The Evacuation

Hackney Memories by Alan Wilson.

Ceremonial Barges on the River Thames: A History of the Barges of the City of London Livery Companies and of the Crown by Kenneth Nicholls Palmer 


Newham Dockland by Howard Bloch.

Canning Town Voices (Chalford Oral History) by Howard Bloch

Bethnal Green (Archive Photographs: Images of London ) by Gary Haines

Around Poplar and Limehouse, by Gavin Stirling.

around poplar and limehouse

Dockland Apprentice by David Carpenter.
With 192 pages and 45 illustrations, Dockland Apprentice provides a fascinating insight into what life was like for an apprentice marine engineer within the London Docks during the 1950's


East Enders' Postcards (Archive Photographs: Images of London)by Brian Girling


Here are  three  excellent second hand books:

A History of Warfare by John Keegan (paperback) £4 plus £2.70 p&p (uk)

Military Blunders (The how and why of military failure) by Saul David (paperback) £4 plus £2.70 p&p (uk)

Maritime Power and the Struggle for Freedom 1788-1851 by Peter Padfield (paperback) £4 plus p&p (uk)

(If you are from outside the UK ask Yvonne about postage charges)

If you would like either of these then please email Yvonne (

Thames Books:

Liquid History:To Commemorate Fifty Years of the Port of London Authority 1909-1959, by Arthur Bryant. 

London from the Thames 

The Port of London 

Thames Shipping 

Thames: Sacred River (Hardcover)

Research Services: If you've come to a dead end, email Esme

Ramblings from the Estate

If you follow us on Facebook you'll have seen the new bicycle I bought last summer, safely tucked away in our living room. Now, I don't mind running in the cold, but for some reason cycling in winter, on dodgy road surfaces doesn't really appeal. However, as I keep straining muscles when I run I thought cycling would be a good way of keeping some fitness when I have to rest damaged muscles (as well as my swimming, bizarely enough also outdoors in the winter!)....where was I? Oh yes, indoor cycling. Just after Christmas I saw a cycle trainer (you put your back axle on it and pedal) half price in Halfords on-line, at just £75! Parting with such a large amount of money doesn't come easy so I thought I'd sleep on it.....which I did for about 2 weeks. Once I woke up I decided it was a good idea, so I went back on-line only to find it was now £99.99! Now what? I ummed and ahhed, and for some reason I decided to actually go to the shop. Well, golly gosh, when I got there I saw it, with a price tag of £75! I eagerly picked it up, almost feeling a bit naughty, and plonked it on the counter. The guy waved something at it and it came up as £99.99! 'Nice try' I said, 'but it still says £75! Banged to rights! Reluctantly he agreed and off I went smug as you like! Once I got it home I quickly tipped the contents out and begun assembling it, paying no attention to the hard can it be??? About 45 minutes later it was fully assembled, with just the one bolt left over. I eagerly mounted it, tried it and liked it! A few days later Her Indoors asked why there was a screw laying by the bike, 'It's not a screw, it's a bolt' I informed her, 'Nothing to worry about'. A few days later I was flat out on it, legs pumping, sweat dripping from my brow, when suddenly the wheel fell from its mounting and made contact with the carpet, and whoosh I shot forward into the wall, just missing the 42 inch flat screen T.V! 'How did that happen?' you ask. Well, that bolt was the locking bolt that makes sure the thing doesn't undo and jump off its mounting!

This week I'm eating a beautiful Cherry and Almond cake! I highly recommend it!

Fancy watching some funny cats, including some who exercise on a treadmill? 

Have a good March!

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