Parish Register Newsletter: January 2014

Hello all, and welcome to the first  parishregister newsletter of 2014!  We've got some more special offers for you, including some more compendium CDs which went down well last month! Since last month's newsletter we've uploaded another 3000 entries from St Mary, Whitechapel 1680 to 1687, so if you want to see if you've got an ancestor hidden away in St Mary's you can look here 

Don't forget you can also see me ramble on, on Facebook which over 425 of you have now done! If you follow us on Facebook, keep an eye out for two new databases that will soon be on-line for you to search; the next in the St Mary series and another St Jude.

This Month's Special Offer!!!!

This month I'm virtually giving away two more of our compendium CDs,  for less than £25! 

This time it's two St George in the East compendiums:

St George in the east Parish Registers Part I 1729-1826

This is a compilation of 7 CDs with approximately 53700 baptism entries, which if bought separately would cost nearly £60, at £24.95, a saving of nearly £35!

Vol 36 St George 1729-1749
Vol 38 St George 1750-1770
Vol 48 St George 1770-1794
Vol 52 St George 1795-1808
Vol 49 St george 1809-1815
Vol 13 St George 1815-1820
Vol 14 St George 1821-1826

St George in the East Part 2 1826-1901

This is a compilation of 7 CDs which if bought separately would cost nearly £60, now only £24.95

St George in the East 1826-1835
St George in the East 1835-1837
St George in the East 1837-1848
St George in the East 1848-1861
St George in the East 1861-1877
St George in the East 1877-1893
St George in the East 1893-1901

If you wanted an even better bargain you could of course check out this special offer special offer 1-5

To search the marriage records click here: Marriages

To search all our baptism records click hereGood luck!

To search the 36000 entry Merchant Taylor records 1530-1928 click hereMT

Last Month 

Volume 100 St Dunstan, Stepney 1712-1719 Baptism Registers 10040 entries

To buy this CD please click here: St Dunstan

Now In Transcription


St Mary Whitechapel 1687 onward

St Luke Limehouse 1846-1875

St Jude 1846-1875

Interesting/Useful Sites
This month I've found these sites interesting!

The Newham Story 

Archives Hub  The Archives Hub provides a gateway to thousands of the UK’s richest archives. Representing over 220 institutions across the country, the Archives Hub is an effective way to discover unique and often little-known sources to support your research.

Life in Tudor England   If you've got kids, or grandkids interested in these times, this is a useful source of info, and they do other centuries too!

Life in the 1500s  Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May, and still smelled pretty good by June! For more interesting facts, look no further than this site!

Watermen and Lightermen Section

If you didn't know already, we have the waterman and lighterman apprenticeship records on CDs. You can buy individual CDs for specific years or you can get them all on one excellent value CD. To have a look at our collection please click here: Apprenticeship Bindings

Our oldest apprenticeship records are on this CD:

Apprenticeship Bindings 1688-1692

These are the earliest known surviving
indexes from the original register at Waterman's Hall, these records complete the coverage of the apprenticeship bindings.

A typical entry reads as follows:

with the first name being the apprentice and the latter his master. The first date is the binding date, the second the freedom date

My Ancestor Worked On The River Thames by Rob Cottrell.A guide 

to help you find where they worked. 

The cd covers both sides of the Thames and gives details of nearly every 
wharf, creek, river buoys, watermens stairs, riverside taverns etc., plus 
history and interesting facts.

And, if you have watermen and lightermen ancestors, but are just starting out in your research of them, you can't go far wrong with this special offer!

Thames Waterman Collection

coatofarms 2

This special offer comprises ALL of the published CDs relating to Watermen & Lightermen

And, here's another great offer!

Company of Watermen Compilation CD 1

watermen_comp1 2

This CD comprises the following titles:

1.Company of Watermen & Lightermen Apprenticeship Bindings Indexes 1692-1949
2.Register of licences granted by Corporation of Trinity House to ex-mariners to ply their trade as watermen working on the River Thames 1829-1864
3. Thames Watermen & Lightermen (also wives and widows) pensioners admitted for relief 1794-1837 
4. Watermen & Lightermen reassigned to another master during their apprenticeship period 1688-1908

Price if bought separately: £57.80

To view the entire contents of this invaluable CD click here: Collection


To browse our entire collection of Watermen CDs, including our apprenticeship records, please click here: Watermen

Watermen Books
under oars 2 Under Oars: Reminiscences of a Thames Lighterman, 1894-1909, by Harry Harris.

An incredibly rare book, one of the only ones written by a Thames Lighterman, about the arduous job of working on the river.

Tales of a Thames Lighterman, by Ernest G Murray.

This book is incredibly rare and this is probably one of the only copies on the market!

Thomas Doggett Pictur'd by Walter Leon. 

This is a rare first edition 


stmarystjosephCatholic records

Click on the above to discover all of the titles in our catholic records collection!


East of London Family History Society

Census 1891 Hackney Part 1.RG12/0179 - 0194.
Covering: Stoke Newington, Stamfod Hill, West Hackney and Hackney

Census 1891 West Ham Part 1

Census 1891 West Ham Part 1 RG12/1310 - 1325

Including the areas of Stratford: Custom House also parts of Canning Town & Plaistow.

Published by the East of London FHS. 

Price: £10.00 

Census 1891 West Ham Part 2

Census 1891 West Ham Part 2 RG12/1326 - 1342

Including the areas of: Plaistow (part), Canning Town (part), West Ham, Upton, Forest Gate,
East Ham, Manor park, little Ilford, Beckton and North Woolwich.

Published by the East of London FHS

Price: £10.00

Tower Hamlets Marriages & Banns (Vol 1)-Disc3  Holy Trinity Minories 1676 - 1754
Christ Church Spitalfields Banns 1833 - 1861 

Merchant Taylors   Merchant Taylors' Company Membership Index 1530 - 1928 


To buy the CD of the complete database (36000 records) click here: Merchant Taylors' Company Membership Index 1530 - 1928

To search the index click : MT Index


Medway CD_front_page_product_image 2

To search the entire collection click below:

Trueflare Thames and River Medway single CDs

Trueflare Thames and River Medway compendium CDs

Map Department


To browse all of our maps including the Alan Godfrey collection (still at the old price) click here: MAPS

This map remains our most popular, and at only a fiver plus postage, it's a real bargain!

Ecclesiastical Map-County of London 1903

A Map of the Ecclesiastical Divisions within the County of London 1903. The map shows all Church of England parish boundaries in the London County Council area on a scale of 2 miles to the inch. Facsimile, printed in colour and folded in a case with brief introduction by Simon Morris. Approximate extent: Highgate to Streatham; Hammersmith to Isle of Dogs. Publication no 155 (1999)

And at under a fiver this is another great bargain and would make an excellent present!

Middlesex 1611 by John Norden and John Speed

middlesex 2

This beautiful and highly illustrated black and white (not colour as in the illustration) map of Middlesex has 2 town plans. One of Westminster and the other of London being separate towns at that time. In the lower 2 corners of this map are drawings of Saint Peters or Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral with a set of notes on each. St Paul's is shown with the loss of its spire in 1561 before it was restored in the 1630s by Inigo Jones.

And finally:

Rocque's 1745 Survey of London

rocques 2

This poster map shows London in 1745 in extraordinary detail. Jean Rocque was one of the first cartographers to accurately represent the City, both in scale and in detail.
London in 1745 is shown as stretching from Buckingham House in the west to the Tower in the east.At this time Stepney can be seen as a far off hamlet in the countryside to the east of London! Northwards, Hoxton is out of town and southwards only the riverside is inhabited. 
Ideal for framing. Black & White on a cream background. Measures 525mm x 700mm. 


Remembering Romford (In Old Photographs) by Brian Evans 

This photographic history of twentieth-century Romford has been compiled by well-known local historian Brian Evans. Focusing particularly on social change and the town’s development from quiet market town to today’s shopping and entertainment centre, it includes memories from older inhabitants.

Spitalfields People Talk About The Evacuation

"Where's Your Horns?" Spitalfields People Talk About The Evacuation.

“When people found out we were Jews, we were looked at in amazement by some of them. I remember one kid saying, “Where’s your horns?” Six people describe here honestly and with humour, their different experiences of being evacuated during the war. The reception they received were varied; some experienced prejudice – either anti-Semitic, or just plain “anti-Londoner”. Others made lasting friendships. Whether they had happy times or sad times, they tell you their stories directly and vividly. Their memories evoke some of the flavouur of the period: readers old enough to have experinced the war will discover much that touches them!

Hackney Memories by Alan Wilson.

Ceremonial Barges on the River Thames: A History of the Barges of the City of London Livery Companies and of the Crown by Kenneth Nicholls Palmer 

Newham Dockland by Howard Bloch.

Canning Town Voices (Chalford Oral History) by Howard Bloch

Bethnal Green (Archive Photographs: Images of London ) by Gary Haines

Around Poplar and Limehouse, by Gavin Stirling.

around poplar and limehouse

East Enders' Postcards (Archive Photographs: Images of London)by Brian Girling


Here are  three  excellent second hand books:

A History of Warfare by John Keegan (paperback) £4 plus £2.70 p&p (uk)

Military Blunders (The how and why of military failure) by Saul David (paperback) £4 plus £2.70 p&p (uk)

Maritime Power and the Struggle for Freedom 1788-1851 by Peter Padfield (paperback) £4 plus p&p (uk)

(If you are from outside the UK ask Yvonne about postage charges)

If you would like either of these then please email Yvonne (

Thames Books:

Liquid History:To Commemorate Fifty Years of the Port of London Authority 1909-1959, by Arthur Bryant. 

London from the Thames 

The Port of London 

Thames Shipping 

Thames: Sacred River (Hardcover)

Research Services: If you've come to a dead end, email Esme

Ramblings from the Estate

From the title of this section you have probably gathered I live on an estate, on the second floor in fact. Well, today I did a bit of extra teaching in one of my schools; I pop in for 3 hours, teaching a few kids to keep me occupied for the morning, then gulp down a couple of bananas (and choccy cake) before going swimming. This leaves the rest of the afternoon for a run or cycle, and anything else that needs doing, which this afternoon means this; the newsletter. Best laid plans and all I was approaching the block I could hear a thumping sound, then as I entered the communal door it got louder, then as I went past the flat on the first floor it was thumping right through me! Even once I had shut the door behind me the vibration was still so loud I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing! The 'person' responsible for this intrusion has previous for this. She's been reported to the council for this numerous times, and no doubt had warnings, but do these have any effect on her, no siree! A few weeks back I came back from a Sunday morning run and it was so loud I couldn't restrain myself and knocked on her door. To my surprise she heard my banging and opened the door a tiny weeny bit and grunted, "What?" as if she didn't know why I might be knocking. I asked her, very politely if she could turn it down, to which she grunted, "Why?" I could have got sarcastic at this point but I kept my calm and explained to her that the bass was reverberating all through the block and I couldn't hear myself the people directly above, below and to the side of her cope I've no idea! So her logical response was, "It's the middle of the day." As if being the middle of the day meant it was OK to upset the rest of the block on a Sunday! "So you're not going to turn it down then?" I enquired in a slightly more menacing way. I think she then worked out that this might be trouble, and this bloke in front of her might be phoning the council, so she grudgingly agreed to turn it down. Now, what I can't work out is why this dimwit hasn't got the ......what's the word....consideration, to consider the people in all the other flats feelings, and keep the noise  at a reasonable level; she keeps doing the same thing over and over, pushing people to the limit, time after time. So, I'm sitting here with the radio on, not because I want to listen to it, but because it's partially drowning out her music, although a combination of the two is pretty distracting! I expect you're saying why doesn't he go down and knock on her door again, well to be honest I don't feel up to a confrontation this afternoon, so I'll put up with it like everyone else today.....hang on...guess's stopped! Oh I know, it's almost half three and time to pick up her sprog from school!
Oh, I've noticed an email has popped into my in-box. Is it something important? Well if you read the header, it is...very says some company from Nigeria, working on behalf of the Nigerian government has £500,000 ready to deposit in my bank account and all I have to do is click on the link to accept and let them know my bank account number! Blimey, that's a stroke of luck, what am I going to do with all that money? I know, I could buy a detached house so nobody can bother me with loud music ever again. Hang on, it seems a bit suspicious though, why have they selected me? Perhaps it has come to the attention of the Nigerian government that I'm an all round good egg and they want to reward me! I know you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth (have I got that right?) but then again what's the other old adage, if it looks to good to be true, then it probably is! I think on reflection I better deposit my £500,000 in my computer dustbin!

Try making this!

Home-made apple-cinnamon cake

Finally, how about a funny animal video

Jno and the gang!  


-A Passion For Family History-

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