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Comments received

It’s always a pleasure when we hear that people have enjoyed our Newsletters. We work hard to produce them, as they’re not just the usual boring product listings that most companies send out. We make no apologies for James’ sense of humour, and are grateful that he does indeed know a bit about family history.

Anyway, here’s a few of the comments we’ve received, none written by James’ mum.

Hello James & Co.
Congratulations on yet another useful, stimulating and extremely interesting Newsletter. It lightens my heart when I see the announcement of a new one amongst all the garbage in the “in tray”.!
Barry L.

Thanks for another great newsletter, always full of East End tit bits and personal comments from Ed, which puts it in a different class.
Mike H.

Hi, thanks for such a newsy and interesting newsletter.
David D.

Just like to say that I really look forward to your newsletter arriving.
It is printed off so that I can sit and read it in comfort.
Jan B.

Just have to say I enjoy your newsletter very much – from start to
finish.  No, you certainly don’t get recipes from Ancestry – I’m just
off to try it out – sounds delicious!
Sandy Y.

Thank you. I love getting the Newsletter, its definitely the best email of the each and every month . . . again thank you so much.
Cheryl H.

My god James, what have you done to me? When I signed up for the parish register newsletter I was merely researching my family history. Now, not only have I signed up for YouTube (Feb newsletter), I have completely fallen in love with a piece of music by certain people that I can only listen to on a website as it is unavailable elsewhere. I am also communicating with the complete stranger who uploaded said music whilst reading how to make delicious desserts. AND now, thanks to you again, I think it is March already!!!
Helen S.

Thoroughly enjoyed the newsletter . . . The Word Perfect complaint story is an old one, but the oldies are usually the best!
Carola B.

Let me take this opportunity of saying how brilliant I think your web site and newsletters are. My mother was born in Bromley By Bow and her background is a complete mystery as she told me she was brought up in an orphanage, so I never knew any maternal grandparents. I have discovered a little information from various census returns and even a professional genealogist who did some research on my behalf has said it was one of the most difficult cases he had come across, considering we were only talking about Victorian times, and he suspects that many of my ancestors never in fact were registered. However, I feel very strongly that at some point, your web site is going to come up with the information I am seeking so keep up the good work.
Jean W.

Just writing to say that I do enjoy your personal bits added to your newsletters. I know that in producing these you sometimes need a contribution from others.
Peter H.

Dear James,
I’ve just read your comprehensive newsletter!
Judi C.

Thanks, James
This is the best one yet – maybe more than a six-pack of Stella?
Fiona K.

I think this is the best newsletter you have ever written: I laughed so much.
It is full of very useful information too.
Your information in my downloads has been so helpful too, so thank you for all your hard work.

do enjoy receiving your Parish Register Newsletter. It makes me feel that I gain knowledge about my family history, when I have little time for research. I have had some useful information through the Parish Register, but I still have an enormous jigsaw of bits of information to put together. Thank you for the books that I have just received from your booklist.
Susan B.

First things first-love the newsletter, very informative and amusing!
Sue G.

I like your website much better, and love the newsletters each month. They are so chock full of valuable info you should be charging for it!(Although please don’t!)
Thanks again,
A huge fan in Canada,
Leah M.

Best wishes, and congratulations on your informative newsletter!
George H.

Thankyou so much for your ever amusing and informative newsletter email, you and your team have provided excellent info for my family research.
Joe S.

May I firstly say just how much I enjoy reading the newsletters, they certainly make me smile and contain loads of useful information. Even my Dad (who is pretty hard to please) enjoys them.
Amanda H.