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Search Marriage Databases Online

Online Database Search

You can search the database free of charge, for as many names and variations as you like. All you need to do is select a Parish, enter the required Groom's Surname and press Search.

Enhance your search by adding the Groom's forename. This feature is entirely optional. If you use this feature, all forenames will be searched according to your request (including any 'middle' names).

If results are obtained, we charge just £3.95 to view full details of all the matches returned by your search. We donít believe in subscriptions, vouchers, registration, or any other gimmicks. Itís a flat rate £3.95 to view all the details of all the matches for a name in any single database. Quite simply, you pay just for what you want, when you want it.

The details you can generally (but not always, as some areas were sometimes omitted by the clerk) expect to find in the full results are:

  • Marriage Date
  • Groom Age
  • Groom First Name
  • Groom Surname
  • Groom Parish
  • Groom Condition
  • Groom Occupation
  • Groom Abode
  • Bride Age
  • Bride First Name
  • Bride Surname
  • Bride Parish
  • Bride Condition
  • Bride Occupation
  • Bride Abode
  • Groom Father First Name
  • Groom Father Surname
  • Groom Father Occupation
  • Bride Father First Name
  • Bride Father Surname
  • Bride Father Occupation
  • Marriage Type
  • Groom Signed
  • Bride Signed
  • Witness 1 First Name
  • Witness 1 Surname
  • Witness 2 First Name
  • Witness 2 Surname
  • Note

We provide secure online payment facilities, provided by:

Powered by RBS WorldPay

If you wish to pay by UK cheque/postal order, write to us at the address on the 'Contact us page' and we will post you your results; please add £1.50p p+p UK, £3.00p p+p overseas.

If you are paying online then please follow these instructions: Once you have made your payment, and reached the successful payment page, you must click the 'Get Your Detailed Search Result' button at the bottom of the page, to obtain your Detailed Search Results. You will then be presented with the full results of your search, which will simultaneously be e-mailed to the address you provide. If you think that you might forget these instructions then please make a note of them now.

Step One : Please select which register you would like to search from the list below
St Andrew, Bethnal Green - 1843 to 1859
St Dunstan, Stepney - 1568 to 1616
St Dunstan, Stepney - 1616 to 1632
St Dunstan, Stepney - 1632 to 1644
St Dunstan, Stepney - 1644 to 1672
St Dunstan, Stepney - 1672 to 1686
St George in the East - 1729 to 1753
St George in the East - 1754 to 1784 - NEW
St John, Wapping - 1665 to 1707
St Mary, Bow - 1812 to 1837
St Mary, Whitechapel - 1558 to 1647
St Mary, Whitechapel - 1647 to 1691
St Mary, Whitechapel - 1691 to 1733
St Mary, Whitechapel - 1741 to 1754
St Paul, Shadwell - 1760 to 1770
St Thomas, Stepney - 1840 to 1850
Step Two : Enter the Groom's Surname in the Textbox below
Step Three: Enter the Groom's Forename (optional)
Step Four (Security): Complete the sum below

3 + 2 =
Step Five : Press the Search Button below

Important Notes

1) If you are unable to view the words in the Security box above, please click here.

2) If you are using the forenames option to search with, please be aware that a search for, say, David John Smith will also return a match of 'David John Alexander Smith'. This is because all the forenames are in the same field in the database. For more SEARCH TIPS please click here.


*Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any mispelling or errors made by visitors using our database facilities. Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Docklands Ancestors' Management.

If you would like to receive our free Newsletter please enter your email address below, click 'Join Now', and then simply fill out the very short, simple form on the next page.

Enter Your Email Address:

Please rest assured that and Docklands Ancestors Ltd. will NEVER pass your details onto any third party and by 'subscribing' you are giving permission SOLELY to and Docklands Ancestors Ltd. to contact you using the details provided.

-A Passion For Family History-

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